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World’s Greatest Baritone

Joe Palmquist brings founder O.C. Cash to life

Back in 1988, on the 50th anniversary of our birth Society staff member / thespian Gary Stamm decided to capture the man behind the legend that is Owen Clifton Cash, our Founder.

A great deal of research was done and a one-man show was written by Dr. Val Hicks and directed and edited by Stamm.

California actor / barbershopper Joe Palmquist was chosen for this difficult task of bringing OC to life.

So began The World’s Greatest Baritone, a moniker chosen by Cash back in the day as part of his tongue-in-cheek humor.

This presentation was staged, recorded and made available to the membership via video tape. It was again presented during the 50th anniversary convention in San Antonio to rave reviews.

Remember this was done in 1987 and transferred from a video tape. The production value lacks a little quality compared to today’s HD standards but you can still get the spirit of the project and appreciate the work done.

Today Gary Stamm still lives and works in Wisconsin. Joe is retired and still lives in California. Both have fond memories of this project and are happy we have recovered and re-released it.

Enjoy the World’s Greatest Baritone.