“Ask a Judge”

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Despite our current judging system having been in place for almost 20 years, many of you still have questions about aspects of the judging system. Rumors and myths still abound. If you know a judge or feel bold, you may have contacted a judge in the past but many of you might never ask your question.

In an effort to help further educate, C&J (Contest and Judging) is hosting an interactive blog here at barbershopHQ.com.  The process will be simple.  Submit a question to C&J Chairman Kevin Keller (kkbari@charter.net) and the selected questions will be placed on the blog, followed by an answer from a judge. After that, anyone is free to comment on the post with further questions or insights. Other judges will also join in the conversation. Hopefully all of us will learn something by discussing the issues.

We’ll run it at least through the end of the year.  If it remains popular, we’ll continue beyond that. Hope to see you contribute!


Kevin Keller

Society Contest and Judging Chairman, 2012-2013