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Updating Your Chapter or District Leaders for 2018

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This is a friendly reminder (if you haven’t already) that it is time to ensure that your chapter and/or district leader lists are up to date in the BHS Member Center. Your leaders are not only administrative leaders but also your music leaders. We send frequent communication and resources and the only way that we can continue to do so is if the information is reported in the Member Center.

Please read the below important information about updating your leaders. An in-depth tutorial can be found online by visiting here: http://help.barbershop.org/article/23-chapter-leaders.

Secretaries, please ensure this information is updated as soon as possible. As a reminder, reporting leaders is a matter of compliance and is required of all chapters and districts.

If you have questions or are in need of additional assistance, please contact us at customerservice@barbershop.org or call 1.800.876.7464.

Update Your Chapter Leaders Now View In-Depth Chapter Leader TutorialFlexible Board Option & Bylaws Information

Editing Term End Dates

If you have a leader that is continuing in the same role and is already reported in the Member Center, you do not need to add them again. Simply, “edit” their end date to either a future date (example 12/31/2018) OR delete the end date and save the leader. Please Note: Only change the end date and do not change the position or start date itself because you will remove that person from whatever position they were holding for the current year and we will lose that history.

Adding a New Leader Who Didn’t Serve in 2017

If you have a new leadership role or person serving for 2018, click the “Add a Leader” option in the top right-hand corner. Enter their Member ID# or Email Address, press “Search Members”. You will see a confirmation of which person you’re adding, and then press save. Please Note: You can add a new leader for any year; you do not need to be on the specific year’s screen in order to add.

Leaders to Report

The following roles are mandatory to report in the Member Center for each chapter:

  • Chapter President
  • Chapter Secretary
  • Chapter Treasurer
  • Chapter Immediate Past President
  • Chapter Delegate to District

Here are some examples of other optional roles that are important to update:

  • Chorus Director
  • Chapter Board Members at Large (if you’re utilizing the flexible board option, click here for more info)
  • Chapter Membership Development
  • Chapter Music & Performance
  • Chapter Music Committee/Team
  • Chapter Marketing & Public Relations
  • Custom Title Position (you can now add custom titled positions. These positions do not have any permissions, but are another way for your district and society leaders to communicate).

General Permissions for Chapter or District Leaders

For more information about the permissions associated with the various roles for chapter leaders, please click here. For more information about permissions associated with district leaders, please click here

Need Assistance?

If you need additional assistance, please contact the BHS Customer Service Team at customerservice@barbershop.org or 800.876.SING