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Updates Regarding Harmony Fellows (50+ Year Members) Renewal Process

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Calling all members of your chapter or district who have 50 or more years of service in the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS)!

As you likely know, when Barbershoppers have been members of the Barbershop Harmony Society for 50 years, they enter a fraternity of folks known as the Harmony Fellows. In recognition of this significant milestone of loyalty and service, the Barbershop Harmony Society no longer charges International dues. We continue to provide the same services and benefits of membership at no charge to the member (district, chapter, and AHSOW dues may still apply). In order to keep track of these members, we do need to ensure that a non-dues paying Harmony Fellows wish to continue receiving the benefits of membership. 

On an annual basis, Harmony Fellows will receive a renewal letter asking if they’d like to continue to renew their membership with the organization. If they do not owe chapter or district dues, they will simply need to send the form back, renew online using the Member Center, or contact the BHS Headquarters at 800.876.7464. While renewing, all members affirm their commitment to the Society code of ethics, policies, bylaws and youth policy. If they are responsible for chapter or district dues, the amounts owed will appear on the renewal notice. 

Here is an example renewal letter: 


Chapter Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers: You can renew for a member of your chapter through the online Member Center. If there is a Harmony Fellow in your chapter who would like to continue as a member and does not have access to a computer or cannot contact BHS Headquarters, you can login to the Member Center and pay dues for the member, which would be $0 if they do not owe chapter or district dues. 

  • Login to members.barbershop.org
  • Click “Chapters” towards the left-hand side
  • Click “My Chapters” select the chapter you’re looking to view
  • Click “Chapter Roster” towards the left-hand side
  • Toward the bottom, you will see your chapter roster. Select “Lapsed” under the status options. The members who currently have lapsed in membership will appear. You should see the option to (Pay Dues) next to the name of the individual that you’d like to renew for. 
  • After selecting “Pay Dues” you will be asked to press “Submit” which confirms their wish to renew. 
By doing so, they will be renewed and their new membership cards will be mailed accordingly. Please Note: If a chapter leader is renewing on behalf of a Harmony Fellow, you are attesting their understanding and commitment to the Society code of ethics, policies, bylaws and youth policy. A tutorial for chapter leaders on paying another person’s dues is available here:  help.barbershop.org

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact the BHS Customer Service Team at customerservice@barbershop.org or 800.876.7464