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Society Board announces update to bylaws

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At meetings this fall, after consulting with the District Presidents Council, the Society Board updated the Standard Chapter Bylaws to provide more flexibility to chapters in the manner in which they operate.  All chapters MUST follow the Standard Chapter Bylaws unless they have been granted a variance by the Society’s Governance and Bylaws Committee.  A copy of the updated bylaws can be viewed on the Society’s website. Click here to learn more.

The major changes are:
1.      Section 5.02 – chapters now may hold board meetings less frequently than monthly as long as the board meets at least quarterly.
2       Section 5.03 – chapters should use Roberts’ Rules of Order for the conduct of meetings, and may use the Small Board Rules section of Robert’s Rules.
3.      Section 6.01 – where permitted by state or provincial law, chapters may combine the officer positions of secretary and treasurer if so desired.
4.      Section 6.02 – chapters are given the option to allow officers to serve a term of two years rather than one.
5.      Section 6.04 – chapters may choose to create an executive committee to manage the chapter’s affairs between board meetings.  Specific conditions apply.

The Society’s pilot program to allow chapters who apply to utilize non-members as members of the board continues, and may result in changes to the chapter bylaws in the future.  If you have additional questions after reading the new version of the rules, you may contact the G&B Committee.

The new Bylaws become effective January 1, 2016, but chapters may transition into the use of certain provisions, such as the term of office for officers and combination of the secretary and treasurer positions with the election of officers to hold office in 2017.