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Social Media and barbershop culture make relocation easy

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Jude ThomasJude Thomas demonstrates an important appeal of the Barbershop Harmony Society: it’s friendly, open culture that welcomes brothers from across the continent.

Moving across the country with no job prospects, few contacts, and a modest savings is a difficult proposition. However, Voices of Gotham, and barbershop in general, made this transition not only easier, but also actually rewarding and enjoyable. Because of barbershop music I was immediately able to plug into a community and meet dozens of people ready to share their music and friendship with me. In addition, because of the contacts I’ve made here in Voices of Gotham, I’ve been able to find some work, meet people in my profession, and even found a place to live. It has transcended the music-making experience and it is truly a community of people interacting and doing what people do.

Voices of Gotham is more than a group I’ve joined to simply open my mouth and make sound with. It is a place I go every week to remind myself what kind of person I am, and why I make music. I still have a long way to go on my journey here in New York, and in my career; but I know that wherever that takes me I will always have Voices of Gotham and barbershop harmony as an important part of that journey.

via A New Barbershopper — Voices of Gotham.