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Set up your GigSalad account and start getting Singing Valentines traffic

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Getting started on GigSalad is quick — you should be able to complete the basics in as little as twenty minutes, and the leads start coming in immediately. (During initial evaluation, our staff  received a request for a booking before we had even completed our setup — wow!)     


Critical – be sure to set your PRIMARY category to SINGERS > BARBERSHOP QUARTET. This is an important part of the search criteria that will find you for Singing Valentines. In a later step, you can additional categories.



Use your actual performing unit name, and add Singing Valentines to the end, because you are permitted to change it later with a phone call.


  • Fudge a little, because in the round, you may not look like four guys

  • Add performance shots later

  • Add video of delivery if you have it.

Services overview


This is the primary identification of your service, so be sales-oriented. Try something along these lines:

Surprise your sweetheart with a Singing Valentine for an unforgettable memory! A barbershop quartet will deliver your musical message of love anywhere in metro Milwaukee — at work, school, home, or out on the town — in stirring close harmony. Better than just flowers — it’s an “I Love You” sung straight to the heart.

Apply the coupon code BHS2018 and click “apply coupon” to receive the Society discount


Enter billing info

Bill the service to your credit card.

Enter payment info

You may choose to receive your payments from bookings by PayPal, direct deposit to your chapter  bank account, or by a plain old paper check mailed to your chapter.

Critical: Edit and expand your PromoKit

Follow the links to Edit your PromoKit

To show up as a Singing Valentine service, you MUST set your Primary Service to UNIQUE & SPECIALTY > SINGING TELEGRAM.


You may also add up to additional categories. We suggest

  • A capella group

  • Barbershop quartet

  • Choir

  • Christmas Carolers

  • Singing group

  • … and others


Explore the full suite of GigSalad marketing tools

At your leisure, work your way through the rest of the PromoKit tools. Where the initial set up may have taken you twenty minutes, you may need another thirty to create a complete profile and to optimize your results.

Use the extensive Help System at GigSalad to get the full value of the service.

Receive quote requests on your website

Use the  quote widget to embed a GigSalad form on your site – -a quick and easy way to expand your order-taking capabilities immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is this only for Singing Valentines?

No! We’re promoting it for Singing Valentines right now because it’s so quick and easy to get started, and Singing Valentines are the biggest single day of barbershop performance each year.

How much does this cost?

Subscription: Use promo code BHS2018 to receive 35% off Pro and Featured accounts. A Pro account paid month by month is $19.49; six months at a time is $16.25 month, or annually, as little as $13.48.

Processing fees: GigSalad will charge the customer a service fee of 5%-8% of the listed price, and the performer a transaction fee of 2.5% of the listed price. For example, a Singing Valentine priced at $50 would bill $54 to the customer ($50 + 8%), and return $48.75 to the chapter ($50 – 2.5%.)

Why GigSalad instead of the old singingvalentines.com service?

“Alongside SingingValentines.com” might be more accurate.

The most important drive behind the partnership with GigSalad is the need to put barbershop entertainment out in the marketplace alongside other entertainment products.  When customers think about hiring entertainment, barbershop might not be their first thought — but it can be. GigSalad is already used by more than one million customers to book all forms of entertainment — and barbershop can be part of the conversation.

The embeddable quote widget also makes it easy to put your hbooking engine right in front of visitors to your web page, and the favorable processing fees make it a cost-friendly service for every group.

Traffic to the old site SingingValentines.com has diminished in recent years, and its technology is outdated. We will maintain the site and drive traffic to GigSalad accounts with a clickable map. Future enhancements to the Member Center will include fields for chapter and quartet booking sites

I need help

The GigSalad Happiness Team is ready to answer questions about your listing, provide technical support, and ensure your experirnce is great. Start with their online Help Center, use their contact page to reach support or phone them at  866-788-GIGS (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Central; Saturday, 8am-4pm Central.)