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Spring 2014 House of Delegates Bulletin (HoD)


The spring HOD Bulletin is focused on 2014 plans and activities through February. All of our 2013 results are being incorporated into an annual report that will be presented in the May/June Harmonizer.

Five things you must know that are making the Society better TODAY:

More music, more often, more modern.

In direct response to the voices of members in the Chapter Visitation Project, an aggressive effort is underway to release more publications more frequently, and to incorporate more contemporary music into the mix. More than 20 new titles are in the licensing and publication pipeline, including recent platinum-selling pop songs.

More youth activities in more places for more lives changed.

Harmony Foundation grants totalling $138,000 will underwrite more than Youth Choral Workshops and Harmony Explosion Camps in 2014, reaching more than tens of thousands of students. Twenty choruses raised the roof at the International Youth Chorus Festival in Long Beach, culminating in an unforgettable joint performance with the Masters of Harmony and the Westminster Chorus.

More visibility for the Barbershop Harmony Society among more influential people.

Our headquarters location in the heart of Nashville is bringing us into contact with many new and interesting friends, including the National Museum of African-American Music, the touring cast of “The Sing-Off,” the legendary Fairfield Four Gospel quartet, and numerous collegiate choruses on tour. They are all discovering what we mean by “No Strings Attached.”

Huge growth in stature and enthusiasm among professional music educators.

High-profile appearances at conventions, and throngs of teacher sand singers at our booths, reflect the hunger for great barbershop music and culture.

Better recognition of the place of the Barbershop Harmony Society in the world – Defining, building and expanding our brand.

What we have as Barbershoppers is what the world craves: the joy of singing, the powerful culture of friendship, safety and community it creates, and the privilege we have of sharing that with other. Messaging and imaging tools are being featured in the magazine, on the web, and on the stage as we launch a powerful initiative to help the world link arms with us.   Together, We Are Making The Music That’s Making A Difference.


Executive Updates

2014 Business Goals and Budget objectives

Goal #1 – BHS – The Best Known Musical Gift?

Barbershop Harmony Society rebranding effort and launch. Build on the success of BHS culture and brand. Recognize we have a social responsibility to our local communities and greater society. Create a more philanthropic culture that supports the six purpose areas of the Society bylaws where four of them emphasize the importance of serving our communities.

BHS Purposes: (directly from bylaws)

  • To perpetuate the old American institution, the Barbershop quartet, and to promote and encourage vocal harmony and good fellowship among its members throughout the world by the formation of local chapters and districts composed of members interested in the purposes of this corporation

  • To hold annual, local, district, state, national and international contests in quartet and chorus singing

  • To encourage and promote the education of its members and the public in music appreciation, and

  • To promote public appreciation of Barbershop quartet and chorus singing by publication and dissemination thereof;

  • To initiate, promote and participate in charitable projects and to establish and maintain music scholarships and charitable foundations

  • To initiate and maintain a broad program of musical education, particularly in the field of vocal harmony and the allied arts.


  • Continue and start building upon recognizing “gold medal” service achievements of members, quartets, chapters and districts at each of the major conventions. (Midwinter and International)


    Encourage districts and chapters to do the same at their local levels.

  • Continual partnership development with choral music educators, ACDA and others

  • Recognize external partnerships for their collaborative efforts in a common goal, “enriching lives through singing” and “singing for a lifetime”

Goal #2 – Financial Rebalance – Dues

Rebalance allocation of membership dues and re-establish their “value”. While we are a dues based membership organization, BHS needs to maximize the financial impact of non-dues programs and offer broader opportunities for participation.

  • Reduce dues dependency to overall BHS finance of operations

  • Use dues properly – “value” is understood

  • Expand the “pond” from which members can join


  • Establish self-sustaining


     lines of business to reduce dues dependencies.

  • Evaluate and communicate the “value” proposition

  • Develop new line(s) of business for revenue generating income for

    the Society

     that will positively impact

    the Society

     operating budget revenue stream by 2016.

  • Maximize HQ building revenue capacity

  • Increased music sales, learning tracks, etc. (consumables)

  • Increase ways to become part of BHS

Goal #3 – Leverage the success of outreach and grow it significantly to new heights

Build on the successful partnership with Harmony Foundation International by offering vision and plans to grow funding of the Society Outreach Program administration.


  • Increased Outreach Activities:

  • Demonstrate through Stewardship reporting, increased financial demand for Outreach activities.

  • Increase overall Outreach participants by 140% in 2014:

  • Encourage more start up workshops and camps

  • Increase Collegiate Tours into schools and communities

  • Double our accumulated participants in three years to 100,000 (2014-2016) versus the 50,000 in the past five years (2008-2013)

  • Expand Outreach to other age groups and ethnic diversity

  • Provide new BHS projects that donors may fund versus using operating funds

  • Continual improved communication and preparation between the respected organizations to allow for significant funding growth in the future.

Goal #4 – The power and strength of 23,000 members working TOGETHER

Build a business plan with the districts, staff and Society board that meet the needs identified by our chapters in 2011 via the chapter visitation survey, and then begin delivering on that business plan,



Objectives – five areas of chapter needs:

  • Help with Recruiting

  • Provide more frequent visits from and communication with District Officers and Society staff

  • Provide coaching help to chapters

  • Help chapters plan and implement shared activities

  • Modernize the music and arrangements available through

    the Society

HQ CVP areas of focus

  • Recruiting – Increase Exposure in the Community

  • This document is full of tasks we are taking to increase exposure in our communities, North America and the world

  • Rebranding efforts throughout the year will help the entire Society with increased visibility throughout North America.

  • Increased visitors to HQ from non-barbershop groups including Grammy award winning Fairfield Four based in Nashville. (picture)

  • Continued focus on increasing and growing Outreach activities. Our goal in 2014 is to increase Outreach participants 40% from 2013. (roughly 14,000 people)

  • Efforts to increase video presence on YouTube


  • Seniors quartets at Mid-Winter featured on YouTube

In Long Beach, we wanted to do something special for the quartets competing at the 2014 International Mid-Winter Seniors Quartet Contest. It’s more fun to sing for a crowd that knows who you are and cheers you on (right?!), so we asked our competing quartets to set up a “get-to-know-us” video so we can feature them via Facebook and Twitter.


  • Communication – Overcome Perceived Lack of Value

  • The efforts underway to achieve goals 1-3 above will significantly drive this improved value.

  • Communication campaigns are already in the plans to make our members more aware of the exciting activities of our BHS.

  • Harmony University Online

  • “Living the brand” recognition program is being launched in Las Vegas, which will allow us to recognize members, chapters, quartets on achievement beyond contest results and/or participation.

  • Modernize Music – Improve Harmony Marketplace music search and purchase capabilities

  • Educate membership (and others) as to what already exists

  • LiveWire – Song of the Week

  • More clicks on downloadable sheet music

  • More arrangements with updated learning tracks

  • Categorization of existing arrangements

  • Results: Increase sales by 100% ($1M) in 3-5 years

  • Modernize Music – YouSing, arrange and publish more popular music

  • Arrange more popular music

  • “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz arranged by Kirby Shaw – Launch March 2014

  • Utilize specific arrangers

  • 100% digital

  • Results: Increased global reach, 10k/month downloads = 120k/year

Governance – Society Board Notes

Society Treasurer

The 2013 Society Audit Report will be presented to the Board for review at the 2014 International Convention.

Governance and Bylaws Committee

CBQC Rule changes

The following CBQC rule changes were adopted unanimously by the Board

  1.  CBQC Rules – Section 11.6:

The 2013 rules provided that no quartet members could be replaced between a qualifying CBQC preliminary and the international CBQC. For 2014 the following language was proposed:

A quartet may replace only one quartet member between a qualifying CBQC preliminary and the international CBQC.


If two or more personnel changes should occur in a qualifying quartet between the qualifying CBQC preliminary contest and the international contest, that quartet becomes ineligible to compete.

  1. CBQC Rules – Section 111.4.b:

  1. The 2013 rules provided for a minimum qualifying score average of 71%. Staff proposes that this be increased to 73% (438 points on a single panel of judges, 876 on a double panel, and 1314 on a triple panel).


    The rules provide that the qualifying score is set by the SBOD and remains in effect until changed by the board.

Society Contest and Judging Committee

SCJC reviewed a waiver request of C&J Article 1.A.5 and in a report received by the Board presented their thoughts to the Board for consideration and action. The waiver was requested by a member who had previously qualified in another district for the 2014 International Quartet Contest. The member has relocated to a new district and requested he be allowed to compete with his new quartet in prelims.

The waiver was granted by the Board with a vote of 7 to 2.

Youth Safety and Protection

In January, the Governance and Bylaws Committee reported to the Board its recommendations regarding Society Youth Safety and Protection Policies. The committee report endorsed the effectiveness of current Society policies in promoting a safe and positive environment for youth who participate in Society activities and listed some possible additions that would further strengthen Society policies.

Governance and Bylaws will present recommendations to the Board for changes to the Board Policy Manual and the Rules and Regulations regarding Youth Safety and Protection by the July 2014 Board meeting.

In February, the board reviewed feedback submitted by the District Presidents’ Council as requested in January and continued the discussion related to background checks. While there was not sufficient support to pursue universal consent, there was strong agreement on the need for enhanced education and situational background checks. The Ethics Committee, in collaboration with Governance and Bylaws, will create a FAQ-style document for broad dissemination to chapters and district leadership.

The definition of the phrase “men of good character” continues to be discussed by the Society Ethics and Governance and Bylaws committees.

Volunteer Army (Formerly 23K)

The Volunteer Army will work with Society staff to: call all first-year members prior to the member’s renewal date, design a process to work proactively with chapters to report their 990 Financial and State Audits in a timely manner, and will work to develop a new chapter growth process.

District Presidents’ Council

The DP Council asked for clarification of Society Board vacancies to be filled by the 2014 Society Board elections. President Elswick confirmed the following: Two Board Member-at-Large vacancies occur each year. Randy Loos and Gary Plaag are the two Board Members-at-Large going off the Board December 31, 2014. The following Board officers are elected each year: President, Executive Vice President and Treasurer.

The next joint meeting of the DP Council and Society Board will occur during the 2014 International Convention in Las Vegas.

People (staff, interns and volunteers):

Our headquarters staff in Nashville is a hard-working, deeply committed group of people of passion. We work hard together, laugh together and share unexpected insight and dimensions of creativity with one another. Some of this translates directly into program activity for the Society; some, into side projects, musically or in our communities and families.

We encourage our team to grow and change personally and professionally, and have seen many of our co-workers evolve their roles at the Barbershop Harmony Society into careers they had not expected. Ask anyone how many different “hats” they have worn; the answer “many” emerges more often than not.

That flexibility allows us to be nimble, responding to changing needs and opportunities. In the coming months, we will see several changes both visible and behind the scenes. Some new positions will be posted as their roles are redefined. With the departure of Audio-Visual Producer Aaron Johnson for a new career in marketing, we will welcome Jeremy Gover into the media production role. Mike O’Neill has accepted a fantastic opportunity at a premier arts high school for the coming school year, and will help transition new team members into the management of Harmony University and other music programs. Our contracted CPA firm will assist us in seeking a Chief Financial Officer to replace Heather Verble, who has left the organization. We also welcome Rebecca Kennedy, who has been retained to guide a project management initiative to refine our focus and execution on our highest priorities of mission, service and outreach. We will continue to shape future roles for a director of technology, a head of Marketplace and Music Sales, and a successor to the departing Rick Spencer as Director of Programs. We are expanding our summer internship programs and will have at least three students working this summer to help in event/convention management, music publications and marketing.

Throughout many changes, some things are constant. Our devotion to our mission is stronger than ever, and it is the guiding beacon of our work each day. Our volunteer army and international Board leadership support and guide us each day, and are equally devoted to our vision. Truly, there is no more exciting time to be a Barbershopper and part of the effort to move forward.

  • Staff full-time – 27

  • Stephanie Ruhl – Admin Assistant/Receptionist (3/11)

  • Jeremy Gover – A/V Producer (3/27)

  • Contractors – 2

  • Rebecca Kennedy – Project Manager (3/4)

  • Staff part-time – 3

  • Open Positions:

  • Director of Technology (full-time)

  • Manager of Music Content and Merchandise (full-time)

  • Volunteer Project Coordinator (part-time)

  • Director of Harmony University (full-time)

  • CFO (full-time)

BHS Volunteers and Interns

In 2013 BHS volunteers and interns logged 1,862 hours in the following areas:

  • Service Center

  • Old Songs

  • Administrative / Clerical

  • 75




  • Education Dept.

  • Audio Visual Dept.

Since Jan 1, 2014 – March 1, 2014

Service Center                         35 hours Volunteers

Old Songs Library                   50 hours Volunteers

Administrative Clerical           17 hours  Volunteers



 Anniversary                        1 hour   Volunteers

Education Department            26 hours   Intern

Audio Visual Department        11 hours   Intern

                                              140 total hours 2014


The 2013 Leadership Forum was one of excitement and energy, involving all members of the 2013 OT either as participants or facilitators. From that event, all levels of Society leadership came away with a clearer direction of what true support is needed, and can possibly be developed to support chapters. This was primarily driven through the filter of the focus areas from the Chapter Visitation Program. As a result, the Society Operations Team is currently in a state of transformation based on feedback and analysis of staff and Society needs as it relates to volunteer support.

We’re currently working with OT Chairman to explore different models for each functional area. We are currently exploring the following:

  • Small, volunteer work groups specifically focused on staff-level initiatives/operations.

  • Smaller, functional committees that are more closely aligned with the Chapter Visitation Program focus areas.

  • Some committees that remain “as is”.

  • Other concepts that may develop


     these conversations.

In 2014, the committees will strive to focus on fewer initiatives in an effort to do a few things well versus many things not so well. Below are some items from each committee worth noting, to give you an idea of the direction for each area.

2014 Committee Chairs:

CDD – Joe Cerutti, Staff – Steve Scott, Volunteer

SCJC – Marty Monson, Staff – Kevin Keller, Volunteer

CSLT – Mike O’Neill, Staff – David Montgomery, Volunteer

Events – Dusty Schleier, Staff – Kevin Pape, Volunteer

Chapter Development – Caki Watson, Staff – Christian Hunter, Volunteer

Music & Performance – Adam Scott, Staff – Larry Monson, Volunteer

Marketing & Public Relations – Brian Lynch and Lorin May, Staff – Steve Stripling, Volunteer

Outreach (formerly YIH) – Joe Cerutti, Staff – Terry Reichenbach, Volunteer

DP Council – Marty Monson, Staff – Jeff Bowyer, Volunteer and Murray Phillips, Volunteer


Chorus Director Development Committee

In 2014 the CDDC will focus primarily on content development for major areas of education within

the Society

 (primarily under the Harmony U brand) as well as basic management of existing legacy programs like Director Certification.


Specific areas of content development include:

  • Visions of Excellence concepts

  • Director education

  • Coaching (as a means to support the CVP focus areas)

External reach includes potential collaboration with NAfME


based on research conducted at our most recent Harmony University by Chairman, Steve Scott.


He is currently looking into the feasibility of this.


We’ve also been contacted about potentially participating in a book project called, “Conducting Men’s Choirs: Strategies for Success.”


There’s not much to report on this, but exciting nonetheless.

Staff will be asking CDDC to assist in developing a follow-up plan for those music educators reached through participation in the ACDA events this year.


It is anticipated that the contact list will grow significantly once these events are completed, making the need for follow-up more urgent.

Contest and Judging Committee

C&J is knee-deep in reviewing the applications for potential C&J Candidates. Candidate School will be held this summer at Belmont University in Nashville.

Staff and the C&J community are working together to further develop the music catalog for the Society to further support one of the CVP focus areas. Judges will be reviewing sheet music and labeling new difficulty levels that align with the levels found in the other major distributors of choral sheet music. They are also evaluating contestability of these pieces.

Concerns continue to rise about the high costs for travel and subsequently the cost of a judging panel for BHS contests. SCJC and staff will be exploring potential financial models that might be able to provide some relief in this area.

Chapter Support and Leadership Training

David Montgomery will serve as chairman in 2014 as a result of the recent resignation by Russ Shaner.


This is an area that continues to struggle in achieving its goals of supporting and training chapter officers.


David, however, has agreed to work collaboratively with staff as well as Steve Wyszomierski to refocus the committee.

Action items include:

  • Establish a new committee

  • Identify current short-term needs of Leadership Academies and other legacy training support

  • Outline new operations model for field education

  • Begin to align the leadership training to a new leadership module of HU (HQ)




e’re looking at the potential to create two sets of “work groups.”


One would essentially remain as is, and


 primary focus would be district-level support and training and to assist in managing best practices for district-level conventions.


The second work group would exist strictly for staff operations purposes to serve as the volunteer team in charge of various aspects of Society-level conventions.


The personnel of  these group will not serve terms, but be put in place based on skill set, availability and need, and will be managed by the staff Director of Events.


This will allow for continuity year over year.

Events at all levels support CVP focus areas as opportunities for


arbershoppers to gather with others as well as provide platforms for education and training and community outreach.


Action items include:

  • Job descriptions for both work groups

  • Establish a basic convention


     that can be provided to the local events committee 2-3 years prior to an event.


    This becomes a living and breathing document that provides enough background to get started and identify goals/success metrics.

Chapter Development (formerly membership)

The Chapter Development Committee will focus on developing a collection of “best practices” and communicating these on an ongoing basis, especially as they relate to the recruitment focus area of the chapter visitation program.


The committee is also putting together a workgroup designed to assist staff when chapters or members are in need of specific membership development assistance, much like SCJC’s “Contestability Committee”.


Action items include:

  • Identify 2014 committee members

  • Quarterly Chapter licensing status and progress of new chapter inquires

  • Establish chapter support work group

  • Work with marketing and public relations on establishing a technology tool to serve as the best practices repository.

Music & Performance

The committee is concerned about overall communication with M&P DVPs.


Less than 50% participation on their teleconferences does not encourage consistency in program delivery.


The committee has been discussing the potential need for festival music events for barbershoppers/chapters based on the shared activities focus area of the chapter visitation program.



Action items for 2014 include:

  • Develop a festival model (or models) and test

  • Review current legacy programs to determine:

  • What is still effective

  • Who’s in charge?

  • Continue to focus on (sheet) music development

  • Collaborate with CDD and Outreach to plan for alignment activities that share common goals, resources, and achieve consistent results.

Marketing & Public Relations

The Marketing and PR committee is lacking a solid structure.


It is currently made up of the 17 district


s for marketing, and it is becoming clear that structure presents challenges in being able to manage Society-level initiates while still being able to meet district and chapter needs.


In 2014, we’ll be exploring the possibilities of establishing a smaller committee or aligning with the P




Priorities in 2014 include:

  • Redoing the committee job description to align with staff and organizational priorities

  • Engage with PROBE to help develop and/or find content that demonstrates chapter success stories

  • Identify a weekly “top 10 list” that can help serve as an education tool

  • Effectively use district marketing


    s for communications alignment across all levels of the Society


Outreach (formerly Youth In Harmony)

In 2014, the Outreach committee will focus on communication and support for Outreach programs and assistance to BHS staff.


The committee needs to function as a smaller workgroup with specific objectives for each of the main Outreach initiatives.


This has been undefined for them to date, and plans for improvement are in discussion.


Action items for 2014 include:


  • Identifying committee roles and personnel

  • Data gathering of camps and workshops that exist outside of BHS financial support

  • Develop a plan to manage the inbound feedback of the workshops and camps, and then promote the successes

DP Council

  • Continue to work on execution of the Forum focus areas

  • Build a 2015 business plan that aligns Districts and Society AIMS

Barbershop Harmony Society and Harmony Foundation, Inc.

2014 Purpose:  

Build on the successful partnership with Harmony Foundation International by offering vision and plans to grow funding of the Society Outreach Program administration.


  • Increased Outreach Activities:

  • Demonstrate through Stewardship reporting, increased financial demand for Outreach activities.

  • Increase overall Outreach participants by 40% in 2014:

  • Encourage more start


    up workshops and camps

  • Increase Collegiate Tours into schools and communities

  • Double our accumulated participants in three years to 100,000 (2014-2016) versus the 50,000 in the past five years (2008-2013)

  • Expand Outreach to other age groups and ethnic diversity

  • Provide new BHS projects that donors may fund versus using operating funds

  • Continual improved communication and preparation between the respected organizations to allow for significant funding growth in the future.


  • Harmonizer – Themes

    (subject to change)

  • Jan/Feb issue – 2014 Society Plan (step 1)

  • Mar/Apr issue – Rebranding – Together, Making the Music That’s Making a Difference

  • May/June – 2013 Annual Report, Midwinter, Youth Chorus Festival

  • July/Aug – Fun vs Challenges

  • Sept/Oct – International Convention

  • Nov/Dec – El Sistema – The Community Singing Solution, “Outside Looking In”


1. Sub-AIM: Improved retention/renewal rate of the greatest demographics of nonrenewal        

Goal:        Increase the number of members renewing from year one to year two from 59% to 69%.

Current: 61.5%


Goal: Increase the number of new youth members (under age 26) renewing from year one to year two from 40% to 60%.

Current: 45.9%

Comments: Highlighted yellow fields indicate a position year over year improvement to first year members. The increased touchpoints implemented in March 2013 are beginning to produce a positive trend. The entire Staff will be placing phone calls to all 1


 year members scheduled to renew in April to ensure they received their online renewal notice and a number of other basic questions that were drafted with assistance from the 23k team. Overall, the retention rate seems to be improving on a rolling six month average.

Retention starts the first year– HQ grabs the initiative

What’s the most frustrating part of membership management? Retention! It’s great to sign up new members, and heartbreaking to see them drop away after their first year.

Seldom do new members drop out because barbershop stopped feeling great to sing.


Sometimes it’s because a recruit bought a pig in a poke–the chapter life that seemed so bright on guest night turned out to be drudgery week in and week out. (Shame on the chapter leadership.)


Sometimes it’s because job changes and family pressures squeezed out the time. (Shame on life.)


Sometimes it’s because no one asked him to renew. (Shame on everyone.)


To that end, the entire Society staff is taking part in a phone-a-thon this week, in which we are calling a group of new members with pending dues renewals, to make them aware that their invoices are in the mail (or email,) and asking them to continue membership in the Society.


We’ve gotten quite an earful. Some have been surprised and delighted that someone took the time to call. Some have had the opposite reaction: “How can you afford to spend time on this?” Some members have had a great experience and renewed on the spot. Some are disillusioned, but are considering moving to a different chapter and continuing.


It’s worth trying nationally. It’s definitely worth trying in your own chapter.

Laura Tracy shoots! She scores!

2. Sub-AIM: Increase the number of EZ Dues participants from 2325 (current) to 4650 by year end 2013.        

Goal:        4,650

Current: 2,542


Comments: The billing process for EZ Dues has been significantly cleaned up of errors and miss captures. We are evaluating the program for acceleration plans to catch up to the original 2013 goal.

3. AIM: Total annual net membership change.        

Goal:        Stable Membership at 23,583 (12/1/2012)

Current:        22,380

Comments: January to February drop in 2013 was -2.43%. (572 members) January to February drop in 2014 is -1.8% (411 members) for a positive retention of .63%. January to February drop in 2012 was -3%. (723 members)


ACDA project:

  • To become a legitimate

    art form

    in the world of Music Education

  • To identify Music Educators that have a desire to direct our chapters

  • Update process to advertise open director positions

  • To serve as a resource to Music Educators

  • Choral Music Educators expressing interest in BHS since Oct 2012 to Jan 2014 – 247

  • Choral Music Educators expressing interest in BHS Feb 2014 to present – 160

  • Attendance / presence at all seven Divisions

  • North Central – Interest Session

  • Southwestern – Reading Session

  • Western – Performance Session (Westminster)

  • Attendance / presence at other ‘


  • Texas Music Educators Assn. (24,644 attendees in 2013)

  • Marcsmen will give mini performance

  • Begin process of state level ACDA attendance with local district volunteers

  • Utah’s UMEA conference – gave out 41 MEG&S packets in the first hour!

ACDA moving forward

  • Align future and retired Music Educators with barbershop choruses in need of frontline Directors

  • Presence in as many as possible of the State level conferences in 2015

  • Presence at the 2015 National Convention in Salt Lake City – exhibit, interest session, reading session

  • Develop Educational program for Band Directors now responsible for Choral Program (HU)



 Annual International Youth Barbershop Chorus Festival – New Orleans, LA, January 8-11, 2015

Twenty male choruses are pre-registered for 8


 YCF. Non-refundable deposits are being requested to secure the spot by April 15



IYBCF – Expansion

Due to the increased demand of IYBCF, we’ve tentatively secured a date for a 2


 festival in 2015 pending proposal and funding capabilities. A decision on the second festival will be made by July 1


 at the latest.

Youth In Harmony Workshops, Camps and Festivals

We are anticipating continued growth in these events, especially with the additional external marketing into the music educator community via ACDA and ACDA’s Choral Journal.

The new funding application process has been going well but has growing pains. There is a lot of communicating and education required to ensure all of our existing and new festival administrators understand and know about the process. We are here to help. Due to the growth and demand for new camps and workshops (10 new for 2014), we will have to provide more assistance and training to inform chapters and districts on how to apply for funding within their local communities, they want to help as well.

The grant process has to be streamlined. We are investigating various software tools to make it easier for staff and organizations applying.

2014 Grant process summary:

  • Grant submissions – 77, 30% growth (59 in 2013)

  • Grants awarded – 76 (59 in 2013)

  • Total funding awarded – $138,000, 28% growth ($108,000 in 2013)

Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Contest

  • 2014-Score increase to 73 for automatic entry

  • 2015-Potential enhancement for qualification requirements (video submissions being evaluated)

College Quartet Tours

  • 2014: Significant expansion of this initiative (tripling)

  • Begin to lay the foundation to what will eventually become the “On the Road” program.

  • Professional touring quartet/ensemble

  • Significant outreach/marketing potential as well as income (recordings, performances, etc.)





  • Move The Event to Belmont

  • Expand/enhance curriculum utilizing space and resources

  • Chorus College, Leadership courses, recording technology

  • Four Choruses signed up by Dec 1, 2013
  • Western Hospitality Singers (Calgary, AB)

  • Capital City Chorus (Ottawa, ONT)

  • The Marcsmen (San Marcos, TX)

  • Land of the Sky Chorus (Asheville, NC)

  • GROW! (450 budget, goal is 600+)

  • Expansion to include more music educators, women barbershoppers, and off shoot entities Harmony Brigade and local ‘boot camp’ for Nashville students

  • Continue enhancing HU Classes at conventions

  • Continued morphing of Leadership Forum

  • Move ‘Officer Training’ to ‘maintenance’, develop and enhance Leadership Curriculum

  • Deliver ongoing e-Learning opportunities

  • Live Webinars

  • On


    demand curriculum

  • Webcasts

Results from 2014 e-Learning classes:

Archived Classes

Upcoming Classes




Mid-Winter – Long Beach, CA

Final summary of Mid-Winter is still being compiled. Here are some of the results:

  • Total attendees – 1,780

  • Senior Quartets – 29

  • Youth Chorus Festival – 20 choruses, 565 participants

  • Special Guest – Camille Kolles, Board Member of El Sistema USA


Currently 2.4 % behind Toronto

  • RFPs will be reviewed in the 1


     and 2


     quarter of 2014 for 2020 and 2021 International conventions with decisions being made by the end of 2014

  • 2016 Midwinter – Reno, NV

  • Peppermill Resort – 4 Star/Diamond Luxury Hotel

  • All events under one roof – venue, sleeping rooms, casino, 10 restaurants, youth zone, nightlife

  • Inexpensive hotel rooms (junior suites)

  • All non-smoking except in casino

  • 18 ski resorts nearby in Reno/Tahoe area

  • Year-round, geothermal-heated swimming pools

  • Excellent contest/show venue in the hotel



  • Shift direction of the Harmony Marketplace to primarily focus on the following areas (in priority):

  • Sheet Music Sales


This chart reflects the number of orders where at least one piece of music was emailed to a customer. In November 2013, we added a drop down menu option in Harmony Marketplace and requests have grown significantly saving on shipping and getting the music in the hands of the customer right away.

  • Recordings

  • BHS Brand Merchandise

  • Become a recognizable music brand in the choral music world


  • We have contracted with a consultant to assist in an inventory depletion project.

  • Will impact sales numbers

  • Job Opening for Manager of Music Content and Merchandise

  • New responsibilities to align with new focus.

  • Increased marketing and global distribution of sheet music and other music content by enhancing our distribution channels by June 2014

  • Licensing

  • Technology

  • Downloads

  • Ordering



Technology projects in process:

  • Aptify:

  • Aptify post conversion completion – February 21


    , 2014

  • New Aptify projects have been identified and prioritized that will increase efficiencies and productivity throughout the organization (not in any particular priority):

  • Ebiz upgrade to 5.5 – increased self-service features and capabilities for chapters and districts

  • Ebiz online new member process (paperless)

  • Harmony Marketplace ecommerce integration into Aptify

  • Collaborative community software integration into Aptify

  • Hire Director of Technology by April 2014

  • Develop a dynamic technology roadmap that incorporates HQ, District and Chapter needs

Marketing and Brand

Re-branding efforts:

  • Implement brand standards using new signifier and messaging (image)

  • Brand Manifesto Video


  • Communications Audit & Integration Plan

  • Program Learning (what is the brand)

  • Rollout “living the brand” recognition program

General 2014 Goals:

  • Launch an online eHarmonizer magazine

  • Harmony Marketplace Newsletter and Catalog improvements

  • Improve on Saturday Night Spectacular production

  • Solidify on music publishing brand

  • Increase YouTube videos by 30%

Administrative Staff and Office Management:

Administration Team

  • Analyze and implement streamlined HU administrative processes

  • Work with IT to develop online


     registration, class selection,  possible room preference assignments, and surveys

  • Complete development of 2014 Outreach events

  • Ongoing analysis of Outreach workflow and possible time saving improvements

Office Management

  • Chimney and front flashing

  • Possible repair to the Rockwell outside wall.

  • Inventory various vinyl records as well as wax cylinders

  • Repair our own wax cylinder player

  • Recruit volunteer(s) to work with Archives Chair and staff liaison

  • Volunteers needed to unpack and sort approximately 80 boxes on the first floor

  • Music

  • Books

  • Vinyl records

  • Inventory of miscellaneous records in 7 vertical files and approximate 30 boxes brought from Kenosha.

  • Complete unpacking and storage of archive materials (files, pictures, records and miscellaneous archive materials of historical or suspected historical value)


  • Increase internship descriptions

  • Three summer interns are joining us in 2014

  • Research housing possibilities for out of state interns (increased demands)

  • Consider a stipend for summer internships of 4 or more weeks


  • Utilizing Aptify to better serve our chapters

  • Streamlining BMI/ASCAP payments

  • Electronic statement options

  • ACH payment options

  • Revision of financial reporting to reflect new budget format by program

  • Clean up of fixed assets

  • Transition insurance and tax-exempt status helpdesk type information to the Service Center

  • Work with Finance Committee to hone a more useful dashboard for both the committee and




  • Labor allocation tracking and updating

  • Revisiting Sales Tax Exemption in Other States

  • “Old” Chapter Dues Reissuance Project