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Learn to Sing Program Guide for Chapters

Learn to Sing

Program Guide for Chapters

You are part of one of the most exciting vocal music organizations in the world! Your Barbershop Harmony Society has challenged all of us, in our Vision Statement, “to be the premier membership organization for men who love to sing!” In order for this Vision to be fulfilled, we are reminded of several cornerstones on which to build this great organization. One of our primary Purposes is to “introduce and sustain music in the lives of people everywhere,” one of our primary Values is “service to others through our music,” and, finally, our Mission is “to bring men together in harmony and fellowship to enrich lives through singing.”

No doubt you have, no matter how long you have been a member or leader in your Chapter or District, experienced the benefits of these cornerstones which have led to your life being “enriched” through singing! And you have likely seen that same “enrichment” in the lives of the other men with whom you sing, from the joy you share at Chapter meetings, rehearsals, performances, conventions and other activities which form our barbershop “lives.” And you’ve also likely seen that special “light” in patrons’ eyes, folks of all ages, who are attracted to good quality a cappella singing in the barbershop style; it’s a feeling that you can almost touch.

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