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Quartet Champion – Ringmasters


Ringmasters made history in Portland by becoming the very first quartet from a Society affiliate to win the coveted quartet gold medal. Travelling all the way from Stockholm, Sweden, Ringmasters combined virtuosic singing with championship-level entertainment and youthful energy to bring back a Gold medal for the Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers (SNOBS) Affiliate.

Ringmasters made their Society contest debut competing in the International Collegiate Quartet Contest first at the 2007 Denver International Convention, and then returning in 2008 to win the Collegiate gold medal in Nashville. They also competed in the International Quartet Contest that same year, finishing an impressive 17th place. In 2009 in Anaheim, they won a 4th place Bronze medal, and in 2010 in Philadelphia they won a 3rd place Bronze medal. After taking a year off in 2011, they returned triumphantly in 2012 to win the Gold medal in Portland.

Ringmasters is tenor Jakob Stenberg, lead Rasmus Krigström, baritone Emanuel Roll, and bass Martin Wahlgren.