Harmony Platoon

Join the Orlando Harmony Platoon
1 week. 4 songs. Unlimited Harmony.

Learn four challenging and rewarding songs ahead of time, come to International in sunny Orlando, Florida, get placed into a pickup quartet, compete in a fun, exciting, and friendly competition, and make friends from all over the world to sing with all week.



Three “Luck of the draw” contests will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel (HQ):

Wednesday, July 4th (30 min after NextGen Quartet Contest)

Thursday, July 5th (in between Quartet Semis and AIC Show)

Friday, July 6th (30 min after the Chorus Contest)


Songs to prepare


You will be provided charts and part-predominant and full mix learning tracks for all four songs. Learn them COLD so that everyone can be guaranteed to sing with fully prepared singers!

Chordbuster’s March

(as sung by The Suntones)

Arr. Dave Briner, tracks by Tim Waurick, contestable



(as sung by The Suntones)

Arr. Walter Latzko, tracks by Tim Waurick, show song


Jeepers Creepers

(as sung by Oriole Four)

Arr. Fred King, tracks by Drew Wheaton, contestable


It’s a Good Day

(new publication by BHS)

Arr. Lloyd Steinkamp, tracks by Tim Waurick, contestable


Payment and registration


$20 through PayPal

Send to donsalz@rosye.com (use Friends and Family option)

Also, send en email to donsalz@rosye.com with your name, phone, chapter, and voice part(s).

If you would like to explore other payment methods, email Don Salz at donsalz@rosye.com, or call him at (916) 813-2959.

For more information, feel free to contact Harmony Platoon Chairman Rebecca Wright at Rebecca.RLW.Wright@gmail.com or call (360) 941-1622


Click here to download the PDF form with more registration information