Chorus Contest

2018 International Chorus Contest
Friday, July 6, 10 a.m. – 9 p.m. (EDT)
Official Order of Appearance



Session 1

Friday, July 6 at 10 a.m.

On-stage times are estimated


Mic-Tester: THX (SUN) (10:00 a.m.)

Sunrise, FLDirected by Alex Rubin


1. Downeasters (NED) (10:13 a.m.)

Portland, MEDirected by Jay Wiley

Come join the Downeasters as they head down to Louisiana, where they lament about love lost, then find healing and harmony in that perfect New Orleans way. | Facebook


2. Sound of Illinois (ILL) (10:26 a.m.)

Bloomington, ILDirected by Terry Ludwig

In a world of ever-increasing tension and mental anguish, the Sound of Illinois confronts the life situations we all face with an inspirational message of hope and understanding, and provides a glimpse of what happiness awaits. | Facebook


3. Harbourtown Sound (ONT) (10:39 a.m.)

Hamilton, ONDirected by Jordan Travis and Scott McCarthy

What do Canadians, the great pyramids, and the musical Carousel have in common? You’ll find out from the Harbourtown Sound in a musical tour de force. | Facebook


4. The Brothers in Harmony (MAD) (10:53 a.m.)

Hamilton Square, NJDirected by Jack Pinto

Art with impact and purpose. This will be the most memorable performance of the contest. Do not miss the Brothers as we make history. Never Before, Never Again | Facebook


Joe Liles Lifetime Achievement Award

Lloyd Steinkamp (posthumously, Gary and Judy Steinkamp accepting on his behalf)


5. Alexandria Harmonizers (MAD) (11:20 a.m.)

Alexandria, VA - Directed by Joe Cerutti

The Harmonizers are proud to be celebrating our 70th anniversary this year — and to be appearing in our 27th International Competition. IGTBAH! | Facebook


6. Great Lakes Chorus (PIO) (11:36 a.m.)

Grand Rapids, MIDirected by Jamie Carey

The GLC continues its tradition of “mini-musicals” with an end of WWII scenario, featuring a pulse-racing uptune and a brand new heart-felt ballad. | Facebook


7. Big Orange Chorus (SUN) (11:51 a.m.)

Jacksonville Big ODirected by Jay Giallombardo

The Big Orange Chorus performs two Broadway “show-stoppers” arranged by musical director Jay Giallombardo on theme of personal discovery and perseverance! | Facebook




8. Fog City Singers (FWD) (12:25 p.m.)

Barbary Coast, CADirected by Chris Lewis

Fog City debuted last year with handheld mic solos and a top-10 finish. This year, we debut two new charts including a ballad that our director hopes sounds as good on stage as it did in Finale. | Facebook


9. The Westminster Chorus (FWD) (12:38 p.m.)

Westminster, CADirected by Justin Miller

We are honored to be able to perform for our favorite audience. Thanks to friends and family for their unending support. | Facebook


10. The Southwest BC Squares (EVG) (12:51 p.m.)

Southwest British ColumbiaDirected by Sean Huston

You pretty much have to watch us because we are on the stage in between Westminster and Vocal Majority.



11. The Vocal Majority (SWD) (1:06 p.m.)

Dallas Metro, TXDirected by Greg Clancy

We are grateful for family, friends and the life experiences and BHS brotherhood we share. We proudly stand on the shoulders of many who came before us. | Facebook


12. Pathfinder Chorus (CSD) (1:24 p.m.)

Fremont, NEDirected by Greg Johnson and Dave Pinkall

Barbershoppers can dance? Watch as the Pathfinder Chorus pulls at your heart strings and showcases their best moves! We love to DANCE! | Facebook


13. Vocal FX (BHNZ) (1:36 p.m.)

Wellington, New ZealandDirected by Charlotte Murray and Jeff Hunkin | Facebook


14. West Towns Chorus (ILL) (1:49 p.m.)

Chicagoland West Suburban, ILDirected by Carrie Marcotte

our dream has really come true!
What will the prince do,
With Cinderella’s one shoe?
You’ll know by the time we are through. | Facebook


15. Carolina Vocal Express (NSC) (2:03 p.m.)

Rocky Mount, NCDirected by Dale Comer

“So, you’re telling me there’s a chance!”



Session 2

Friday, July 6 at 4 p.m.

Mic Tester: Next Generation Varsity Honors Chorus (4:00 p.m.)

Directed by Rasmus Krigström


16. Sound of the Rockies (RMD) (4:13 p.m.)

Denver Mile High, CODirected by Mark Hale

A performance that’s sure to delight – full of fun and heart and a touching ballad that’s sure to uplift – see you right after the break!! | Facebook


17. Great Plains Harmony (LOL) (4:28 p.m.)

Fargo-Moorhead, NDDirected by Sheila Childs

When you’re from FARGO, you search FAR and wide to find your Gal. Even behind (or in?) the wood chipper. You betcha- Hearts are Full of Spring. | Facebook


18. SmorgasChorus (CSD) (4:42 p.m.)

South Central Kansas - Directed by Matt Webber | Facebook


19. Space City Sound (SWD) (4:55 p.m.)

Houston Metro Area, TXDirected by Matt Swann | Facebook


Dave Labar Award Presentation

Tim Stivers, Terry Clarke (posthumously, Mike Maino accepting on his behalf)


20. Saltaires (RMD) (5:12 p.m.)

Wasatch Front, UTDirected by John Sasine | Facebook


21. Harmonic Collective (SLD) (5:24 p.m.)

Liverpool, NYDirected by Amanda Sky Harris

We’re from Liverpool (not the cool Beatles one). We sing songs about love too, but with better haircuts. Can kids recruit dads to sing barbershop? Find out. | Facebook


22. Thoroughbreds (CAR) (5:36 p.m.)

Louisville, KYDirected by Drew Wheaton

The Thoroughbreds take you on a journey through the life of a young man taking charge and learning what it really means to be a soldier. You want to see this. | Facebook


23. The EntertainMen (SNOBS) (5:50 p.m.)

Stockholm, SwedenDirected by Johan Wikström and Björn Lindström

Will the Swedes’ tender loving cause a heartache tonight? Will their royal heritage honor the King, as the music soars like Eagles over the spellbound audience? | Facebook




24. Heralds of Harmony (SUN) (6:22 p.m.)

Tampa, FLDirected by Tony De Rosa and Clay Hine | Facebook


25. The Marcsmen (SWD) (6:41 p.m.)

San Marcos, TXDirected by Brent Dunavant | Facebook


26. The Great Western Chorus (BABS) (6:53 p.m.)

Bristol, UKDirected by Linda Corcoran

Pour a cup of tea, nibble on a cucumber sandwich and listen to some British men (without Prince Harry) moving their stiff upper lips to sing of love and longing. | Facebook


27. Music City Chorus (DIX) (7:07 p.m.)

Nashville, TNDirected by Dusty Schleier

You’ll never hear many of the old classics the same ever again. Trust us, this set will be OUT OF THIS WORLD. | Facebook


28. The Men of Independence (JAD) (7:31 p.m.)

Independence, OH - Directed by Gary Lewis

It’s a storybook romance as the handsome Prince meets and falls in love with the woman of his dreams and then hurries to the church for his spectacular wedding. | Facebook


29. Southern Gateway Chorus (JAD) (7:45 p.m.)

Western Hills (Cincinnati), OHDirected by Jeff Legters

This is Southern Gateway’s 41st International Contest appearance. With 62 years of making music and memories together, we hope you enjoy our performance today! | Facebook


30. Parkside Harmony (MAD) (7:58 p.m.)

Hershey, PADirected by Sean Devine and Jay Butterfield

“… We come on the ship that sailed the moon” – Paul Simon (American Tune) | Facebook


Swan Set: Masters of Harmony (FWD) (8:22 p.m.)

Santa Fe Springs, CA – Directed by Justin Miller

What a Gold Medal year as Champs! So amazing, inspirational & rewarding! Excited to showcase our Stephen Schwartz tribute! Truly a profound privilege to share! | Facebook



Click here for the full list of chorus qualifiers and preliminary scores