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Original Invitation 1938

On April 6, 1938, O.C. Cash cordially invited a small group of gentlemen to enjoy what would later be recognized as the signature event that helped kickstart the Society. See an original scan below of the very first invitation, and read the full text below that.

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O. C. Cash

April 6, 1938
Mr. Roscoe AdamsFirst National BankTulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. Al WellsThe Carter Oil CompanyTulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. W. A. PalmerRounds & Porter Lumber Co.313 West ArcherTulsa, Oklahoma

Dr. Ira T. ParkerMcBirney BuildingTulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. Jack CarrollMcBirney BuildingTulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. C. A. O’Donovan1755 S. VictorTulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. Bud NealAlhambra Hardware Co.15th & PeoriaTulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. Pete HurleyFirst National BankTulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. Dixie GilmerCounty Court HouseTulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. Charles R. PendletonGates Hardware Company317 E. BradyTulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. R. A. HittsonThompson BuildingTulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. Marvin Asbaugh311 East 6th StreetTulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. Glen ThompsonTidewater Oil CompanyTulsa, Oklahoma

Mr. Paul Fenton609 S. DetroitTulsa, Oklahoma


In this age of Dictators and Government control of everything, about the only privilege guaranteed by the Bill of Rights not in some way supervised and directed, is the art of Barber Shop Quartet singing. Without doubt we still have the right of “peaceable assembly” which I am advised by competent legal authority includes quartet singing. The writers of this letter have for a long time thought that something should be done to encourage the enjoyment of this last remaining vestige of human liberty. Therefore, we have decided to hold a songfest on the Roof Garden of the Tulsa Club on Monday, April 11, at six-thirty p.m. A Dutch lunch will be served.

After several months of research, and investigation, we are convinced that your record warrants our tendering you the honor of joining this group. We sincerely trust you will not fail us.

As evidence of the work that your Committee has done in this connection, we inclose a compilation of most of the good old fashioned Barber Shop Quartet songs which we trust you will look over and familiarize yourself with. Bring this list with you. It is our purpose to start right in at the first, sing every song, in numerical order, plow right down the middle, and let the chips fall where they will. What could be sweeter than ten or twelve perfectly synchronized male voices singing “Dear Old Girl!” Just thinking about it brought back to your Committee fond memories of a moonlight night, a hay ride and the soft young blonde summer visitor from Kansas City we dated on that occasion years ago.

Do not forget the date, and make every effort to be present, telephone us if convenient. We will have a private room and so will not be embarrassed by the curiosity of the vulgar public. You may bring a fellow singer if you desire.

Harmoniously yours,

Rupert Hall, Royal Keeper of the
           Minor Keys
Braniff Investment Company
Phone 2-9121

O. C. Cash, Third Assistant Temporary
           Vice Chairman
Stanolind Companies
Phone 2-3211