Next Generation Quartets

Four singers, a song -- magic!

A barbershop quartet celebrates the purest essence of vocal harmony. From the classic sounds of Americana, to pop music sung with a twist, the barbershop style feels right for singers of all ages.
We’ve expanded the range of ages, while giving peers a chance to compete against peers. For high school age singers especially, new divisions for women's and mixed voice quartets expand the possibilities and opportunities to have fun making harmony.


Contests for multiple age groups
Varsity Quartet Contest



Varsity Quartet Contest
Ages 25 and under | Male Voices

Step up to your biggest stage ever

Thousands of fans will greet the finalists at the 2019 International Convention in Salt Lake City, in a showcase of the best singers under age 25. Spend a week singing with hundreds of  passionate barbershoppers, and take your place in an honors chorus   -- a peak experience that is a convention highlight for our singers.

Launch a lifetime of singing

Since 1992, the Barbershop Harmony Society has launched hundreds of quartets through its national quartet contests for young men. Five world champion quartets started here, plus dozens of medalists, directors, and musical leaders.

Easy video qualification

Sing two songs in front of any audience, upload to YouTube, and your entry is complete.

Scholarships for performers advancing to finals -- including Honors Chorus guests!

Getting there is all the fun... and expensive. The Barbershop Harmony Society offers scholarship assistance to singers who participate in the Honors Chorus and quartets competing in the Finals. (See complete rules for eligibility.)

Coming events and deadlines





Junior Quartet Contest



Junior Quartet Contest
Ages 18 and under | Male, Female, and Mixed Voices

Easy to start!

Sing music already approved for your State Solo & Ensemble Contest, or songs your chorus has prepared for the Next Generation Chorus Festival. (Contact us for more ideas, too.)

Who can sing? Everyone!

We’ll offer special recognition for men’s quartets, women’s quartets, and mixed-voice quartets. The Junior Quartet Contest gives teen-aged singers a platform to make music together in a peer-ranked environment.

Selecting music for my ensemble

Click here for detailed FAQs on what makes songs suitable for contest and how songs can be adapted for a wide range of voices.

Coming events and deadlines