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*NEW* music publication releases for Fall 2016

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Our Music Publications team exists to preserve the barbershop art form and to promote the joy of singing for all. One of the best ways we can do this is to publish exciting and accessible new arrangements and make available proven and beloved existing arrangements so that you have the resources you need for your chorus or quartet to share your love of singing.
Each quarter, we will feature newly released arrangements, learning tracks, songbooks, let you know when the next release is scheduled, and even highlight recent publications you may have missed. Occasionally, we may even release a new chart that just can’t wait for the next release and you can be the first to know about it!
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(as sung by Vince Gill)
Arr: Jon Nicholas
This classic country ballad, written and originally recorded by country music artist Vince Gill, sets a tender, spiritual tone. The verses are soft and contemplative, while the chorus soars and inspires.
Sheet Music #210604
cover_shutupanddanceSHUT UP AND DANCE
(as sung by Walk the Moon)
Arr: Wayne Grimmer
This 1980’s-inspired anthem for letting go of self-doubt and frustration is all about giving yourself (and your audience) permission to have fun! This arrangement stays true to the original and contains lots of accessible rhythmic layers to help you keep the groove solid and locked-in.  
cover_ifilovedyou(TTBB)IF I LOVED YOU
(from the musical Carousel)
Arr: Don Gray
This timeless Rogers and Hammerstein ballad features a mixture of love and a reluctance to commit to that love, making this a strong vehicle, indeed. The song’s poignant lyric is the centerpiece of Don Gray‘s simple and elegant arrangement. A fine compliment to the Jon Nicholas setting of “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” also from Carousel.
Sheet Music #209098
cover_youllneverwalkalone(TTBB)YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE
(from the musical Carousel)
Arr: Jon Nicholas
A powerful message of hope from Rogers and Hammerstein with instant recognition. This Jon Nicholas arrangement is a must for any music repertoire. A great compliment to the Don Gray setting of “If I Loved You,” also from Carousel.
cover_youtookadvantageofmeYOU TOOK ADVANTAGE OF ME
Arr: Aaron Dale
Originally written for the 1928 musical Present Arms, “You Took Advantage of Me” has become an American Songbook standard covered by countless artists over the years. This arrangement has been performed in various iterations in many BHS contests, but appears in print here as Aaron Dale originally intended it: a classic swing standard with plenty of personality and a tag that will bring any audience to its feet!
cover_thewayyoulook(TTBB)THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT
(as sung by Platinum)
Arr: Mark Hale
When Dorothy Fields first heard Jerome Kern‘s melody for what would become The Way You Look Tonight, she said that it was so beautiful she began to cry. Typically arranged in a medium swing feel, Mark Hale‘s brilliant and refreshing treatment as a ballad really lets the lyrics shine.
Sheet Music #210787
cover_textmemerrychristmas(SSAA)RE-VOICED FOR WOMEN
Arr: Adam Scott
Added to the Published catalog by popular demand, Adam Scott has re-voiced his original arrangement for female voices! Originally written for Kristen Bell and contemporary a cappella group Straight No Chaser, this chart is a fun, flirty option for the holidays with a pop sensibility. Brand new Learning Tracks available produced by Katie Taylor
Sheet Music #210875
cover_warmandfuzzy(TTBB)cover_warmandfuzzy(SSAA)NEW FOR THE HOLIDAYS
Arr: Peter Benson
Originally recorded by country singer Billy Gilman for his gold-certified album entitled Classic Christmas. Peter Benson‘s arrangement is a fresh, fun, and friendly option for your holiday repertoire and available in both men’s and women’s keys!