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Joining the Barbershop Harmony Society


Founded in 1938, the Barbershop Harmony Society wants more people to have the opportunity to experience the joy of singing. Join us as we work with community leaders, music educators, and people of all ages to live better lives through song.

Member and Associate-level options are available to all. Stay tuned as changes to the Society Associate Program are announced soon.


While Society membership for everyone becomes immediately available, district and chapter membership options for women will be in place beginning January 2019. Check with your local chapter to understand the membership options available for that group.


Join one of our 700 chapters

Connect with Barbershoppers

Develop your singing skills


Get member discounts and free music

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“Singing has made me happier, and a better husband and father.
Singing has changed my life.”

Marty Monson, CEO


You are invited to be a part of something big.

We invite you to join a network of tens of thousands of North American singers who not only sing for their own happiness, but who live to share that joy with others. We’re working with community leaders, music educators and others to transform lives through song. We view anyone who promotes singing as a friend and co-traveler on our mission — no matter what type of music they want to sing.


Barbershop changes lives.

Andrew Lujan was a shy, reserved kid who didn’t know who he was, or who he wanted to be. When singing became a part of his life and barbershoppers reached into his life, it changed forever.