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It’s easy to talk about what you love to do

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In the last issue of The Harmonizer, my column discussed the coming Operation Harold Hill and that the only impediment for finding potential singers for your chapter among total strangers is ourselves.  As Poag says, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”  (Here is a copy of the column in PDF form: Lamson column 10-2011)

Many barbershoppers have told me how easy it is to simply ask someone whether he likes to sing. Nobody is ever offended by that question, and the worst anyone can say is “No.” But many of the people say yes, or they know someone who likes to sing. Many are also looking for a place to sing. The next enthusiastic member of your chapter could be standing right next to you in a grocery line.

If you wear my button, you don’t even have to bring up the subject of singing — somebody else may start the conversation for you!  It has worked for me exactly like that on several occasions.

In either case, once this conversation has started, what do you say next?  Many of us could go on and on about how much we love to sing barbershop harmony and about the friendship and fulfillment that comes with chapter life. But you don’t need to go on and on — you just need 10-20 seconds to get your point across. Plus, you’ll find it’s easier to talk about barbershop harmony when you already know what you will say!

That’s where this post comes in. Here’s a place to share your ideas for your 10-20 second “elevator speech” so that others can build on your ideas and you can build on theirs.

Here’s mine, for starters:

“Wow!  You’ve got a great speaking voice.  Do you sing too?”   [Let’s see – that was exactly 3 seconds.  And now you have his attention and he needs to answer  you.]

And here is another one:

Stealing from Paul Ellinger of the Pioneer District who has a great program called “Supercharging your Chapter” he gives the example of greeting someone after a show and saying “Thank you for coming out tonight.  So ….. Where do you like to do your singing?”    It’s just that simple.

What’s your elevator speech? Share it here! And please feel free to share your real-life experiences with your barbershop elevator speeches as well.