Quartet College

Quartet College has expanded to 20!

The Art of Barbershop Quartet Singing


Monday-Friday your group will be coached by the same 4 world class coaches.  They each represent four distinct areas, and while they each could coach outside of these areas, they will focus on:  

  • Music (interpretation, development, tuning)
  • Singing (Vocal production issues)
  • Performance (authentic presentation of the song)
  • Showmanship (packaging of groups of songs, spoken word and interaction)  

These coaches may be joined by a Coaching Apprentice and Observer to watch how they work with each group.  On Friday night, you will sing and be recorded on our big stage for the entire student body.  On Saturday, you will have a chance to sing a set in informal locations all over Nashville for non-barbershoppers… test your skills with the type of audience you will perform for back home.

If your quartet decides to attend HU, you will have a few tasks:  

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