Harmony College

Harmony College

A course track for our barbershoppers (and the new and curious) who want to learn more about our style of music, leadership, and even history!

This event should be on every barbershopper’s “bucket list.” Coming to Harmony College means you can enjoy a potpourri of classes offered. You are not tied to a specific curriculum and have the freedom to enjoy many Harmony College classes. Harmony College classes are enlightening, engaging, and fun, and the extra curricular activities, the late night tagging, and all the ice cream you can eat will make you long for more hours in the day. ¬†General areas include:

  • Arranging
  • Vocal production
  • Theory
  • History
  • Performance practice

If you sign up for Harmony College, you will have a wide selection of courses to choose from, and we have added new class titles and faculty to give you many new choices!


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