Directors College

Directors College

Become the director your chorus deserves. Inspire and uplift singers.

Directors college has core offerings that we encourage you to take… but YOU get to choose.  We hope you will always take:

1) Conducting Techniques

Our classes are broken down by your current directing situation:

  • Outstanding in Front: Me, a director? (1 hour)
    • People who are just starting to kick the idea of directing around, but only want to give an hour a day
  • Conducting Techniques for new and aspiring directors (2 hours)
    • Brand new people (or getting up the nerve people), and are ready to dive in deeper
  • Barbershop Conducting Techniques for music educators (2 hours)
    • Music educators who would like to take their choral direction and move towards our melded BHS style
  • Conducting Techniques for BHS front line directors (2 hours)
    • Frontline directors who are in the trenches with a chorus

Each class has a registration limit of 15 and is a two block class (two hours). Gone are the days of 30 people with little one-on-one contact time.  Much like listening to your favorite song, we encourage you to take this class over and over again.  Class times are offered throughout the day.  Geared for accomplished directors as well as emerging directors,

2) Private lessons in Conducting.

You may sign up for 30-minute private lessons with our faculty.  While you will receive feedback in your conducting class, we know there is no replacement for private contact time.  $25 a lesson.

3) Other core classes

Take a look at the many classes offered that apply to directors in and out of barbershop.  Many are built to help with rehearsal techniques, general leadership principles, or even score study.

4) Jump start your week with director tutorials

Director video tutorials (before you attend HU)


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