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Fall 2013 House of Delegates Bulletin (HoD)

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Usually in the Fall, we feel as if we’re beginning to wrap up a year, but nine months into 2013, it feels as if we’re just getting started! More and more, we’re seeing chapters and districts “looking out the window” and making an impact on their communities and young singers. In our 75th Anniversary year, we are more powerfully leveraged than ever before to change lives. We have the strength of 23,000 members and an expanding global network of affiliates. We have the tools and the will and the passion to tell our stories — as individual Barbershoppers and as a Society — to a world aching for the joy we bring in song. Together, we are making the music that’s making a difference.

 Enjoy the Bulletin!

Shannon Elswick, President
Marty Monson, Executive Director

75th Anniversary

Our 75th Anniversary is in full motion.  Here are some of the activities occurring now through April 2014:

 Highlight of the year was unquestionably the 75th Anniversary display at the Toronto convention. Grady Kerr’s team put together an awesome exhibit of champion costumes.

The 75th Anniversary theme was celebrated throughout the convention, with tributes to the 50th Anniversary of the Town & Country 4, 25th Anniversary of the Chiefs of Staff, and a historical overview of the Society’s history playing an integral role in the Saturday Night Spectacular. This was event was a pivotal moment in teaching the concept that our past is the bedrock on which we build a more expansive, outward-looking future.

The Celebrate Harmony show continues to gain traction, with more than 46 shows already performed, and 22 more still slated for the Fall season.

Several districts are making their Fall conventions into showcases for their anniversary, including Land O’ Lakes District’s plan to have a Saturday evening featured performance.

Posters of all past champions, autographed by many AIC members, were sold for premium prices at the convention. Some are still in stock at Harmony Marketplace, as well as the non-autographed version.

The 75 Years of Champions release on iTunes and other download services has been well-received.  Purchasers during the initial pre-sale period also received six bonus tracks from new champions Masterpiece.

 A Jubilee Concert at New York’s famed Carnegie Hall on December 1 will celebrate the anniversary with some of the biggest names in barbershop: Crossroads, The Gas House Gang, and Premium Blend, presented by the Heart of America Chorus of Kansas City, along with the River City Chorus and a festival chorus of barbershoppers from across the country. Details are at http://mcp.us/barbershop-festival/


Bill Gather congratulating the Barbershop Harmony Society on our 75th Anniversary


Society Board elects future leaders

2013 Society Board of Directors
(front row left to right): Dwayne Cooper, Treasurer; Alan Lamson, Immediate Past President; Shannon Elswick, President; Don Fuson, Executive Vice President; Marty Monson, Executive Secretary and Society Executive Director (without vote)

 Board Members-at-large (2nd row left to right): Gerry Borden, Gary Plaag, Joe Cerutti, David Calland, Clarke Caldwell President/CEO of Harmony Foundation (without vote), John Miller, and Rick Ashby

Society Board of Directors Elections

The following officers were elected for one year terms:

  • Society President Shannon Elswick

  • Society Executive Vice President Don Fuson

  • Society Treasurer   Dwayne Cooper

The following were elected to three-year terms:

  • Board Member at-Large  Skipp Kropp

  • Board Member at-Large   Dick Powell

All terms of office begin January 1, 2014.


Notes from Society Board meetings (March –Sept. 2013)


  • The 2012 Society Consolidated BHS/HFI Audit was completed.

  • Rick Ashby has agreed to chair the recently formed Finance Committee.

Board Vacancy

  • Joe Cerutti has resigned from the board to join the Society HQ staff. The process to receive nominations and fill the vacancy is ongoing. Joe will be missed on the board but we know he will be a great asset to the society in his new role.

C&J Rule Change

  • The board approved the score variance review process recommended by the C&J committee.

  • The board approved a score of 73 for Collegiate Prelim qualifiers for the 2014 International Collegiate Quartet Contest, to be held in Las Vegas.


  • Additional reports on membership retention, as prepared by Society staff and the Membership Committee, are being reviewed by the Board.

Committee Descriptions

  • President Shannon Elswick and Society Governance and Bylaws Committee are working to clean up inconsistencies of Society job descriptions (in various Governance Manuals and Society Bylaws).

Chapter Visitation Program Summary

The summery of the 2011 collected data was reported to the Board and the District Presidents. The data indicates a need for the Society to develop strategies in five main areas:

  • Recruitment

  • Move visits and communication from District, Society Staff and Society officers

  • Music coaching for chapters

  • Aid chapters with planning and implementing shared activities with other chapters

  • Modernize music and arrangements available through the Society

BHS Branding

  • Headquarters staff has been working to develop materials which will be presented to members as a strategic architectural plan towards allowing the Society to position itself for growth.  The new branding does not involve a logo change or changes to the vision or mission of the Society but is meant to bring a refinement of the Barbershop Harmony Society’s current branding image and to:

  • Enhance credibility of the Society and its programs

  • Establish the Society as a legitimate choral society/organization

  • Make the Society more relevant to outside audiences

  • More overtly emphasize the Society’s emphasis on the “greater good”

23K Project

Hundreds of Society members have been contacted by the 23K caller volunteers. While the initial data indicates a significant number of our members have a positive overall barbershop experience, there are many opportunities for us to continue to improve programs and level of service. As we prepare to put our volunteers to work on specific projects, we are pleased to announce Pete Carentz has joined the team as Chief Volunteer Officer. Keith Eckhardt continues in his role as Chief Volunteer Information Officer, serving with Bud Laumann, Calling Team Leader, and Roger Heer, Quality Assurance Team Leader. And, of course, Montana Jack Fitzpatrick will continue as the Commander of the Volunteer Army. Watch for information about an expanded recruiting effort and details on specific projects to be rolled out soon.

Harmony Foundation International Board of Trustees Elections

Three nominees were elected to the HFI Board of Trustees.

  • Sharon W. Miller (second full term 2014-2016)

  • J. David Mills (first full term 2014-2016)

  • Arne R. Themmen (first full term 2014-2016)

Harmony Hall Nashville’s Staff, Volunteers and Interns

BHS Staff

  • Staff full-time – 27

    • Service Center – Danny Becker, 7/30

    • Service Center – Laura Tracy, 8/19

  • Contractors – 3

    • Music Educator – Joe Cerutti, 9/4

    • IT – Bill Butler, 9/10

  • Staff part-time – 2

2013 BHS Interns

Currently the Society is working with Lipscomb University, Vanderbilt University, Belmont University, TN State and the University of Alabama to develop ongoing programs to both support the Society’s efforts and enhance our interns’ educations. As of September 1st five interns have worked in the following areas: licensing and copyright research (128 hrs.), Education Department (55 hrs.), Service Center Dept. (97 hrs.) and sheet music data entry (12 hrs.) for a total of 292 hours.

2013 Home Schooled Student Volunteer

One Nashville student has volunteer in our Marketplace as part of his course work. Seventy-two hours to date.


2013 BHS Volunteers

The Society has 11 volunteers who work regularly at HQ We’re thankful to local BHS and Sweet Adelines International members for their time and talents.  As of September 1st 11 volunteers have worked in the following areas: Service Center (98 hrs.), Old Songs Library (356 hrs.), administrative clerical duties (116 hrs.), 75th Anniversary (66 hrs.), Education Dept. 207 (hrs.), Website development (605 hrs.) for a total of 1,448 hours.

 The Society has garnered 1,812 hours of work from our talented and giving Interns, Home Schooled student and volunteers.



The 75th Anniversary International Convention in Toronto is now in the books, and it was a great one.  Nearly 6,500 barbershop harmony enthusiasts attended the convention in Canada’s largest city.  The contests and shows were well received, but the true magic of the convention was in the hotel lobbies.  Every evening, old and new friends socialized, sang & enjoyed the celebration of our art form.  Here are some highlights and feedback:

Harmony University Sessions

Sessions were offered throughout the entire week and with Saturday being lighter scheduled than previous years, this allowed us the opportunity to expand our educational sessions significantly.  These were a very welcome addition to the event and a great opportunity to cross-market another Society brand during the convention.

Saturday Night Spectacular

This event replaced the typical “pre-show” and was focused around an organization message, “Together, making the music that is making a difference.”  A great collaboration between Society and HFI staff, it was unified in message, uplifting, and tugged at the heart strings.  It was just the beginning of even great events to come for future conventions.  If you didn’t see this show, you can watch a condensed version online via our YouTube channel, Barbershop Harmony Society.

Attendee Feedback – Survey

518 attendees completed the survey for 2013 compared to only 289 in 2012.  Below is a brief summary of their overall feedback.

Areas of major improvement over 2012 survey results include:

  • Harmony University Sessions

  • World Harmony Jamboree

  • Contest Venue Lighting

  • Registration Process

  • Helpfulness of Staff & Volunteers

Areas of significantly lower satisfaction over 2012 survey results include:

  • Value for Money Spent (many comments on the expense of Toronto as a destination)

  • Chorus Contest (most comments with regards to length of performances / set-up)

  • MegaSing


On to Las Vegas!

For the 2014 convention, we will all be under one roof at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  The contest venue is the Grand Garden Arena, located inside MGM Grand.


MGM Grand offers incredible restaurants, shopping, gaming & a true resort experience.  If the contests get too hot to handle, you can cool off in one of the many pools or lounge around the lazy river!

Special BHS convention rate of $129/night (plus $10 resort fee & tax).

All attendees that book within our block of rooms at MGM receive:

-          Free in-room internet

-          No extra person fees!  Up to 4 in a room at no extra charge

-          Daily newspaper

-          $15.00 food & beverage credit at any MGM bar or restaurant

-          Complimentary fitness center admission

-          2 for 1 entrees at MGM fine dining restaurants (1 per person)

-          Grand Buffet Specials

-          2 for 1 Barbershop Harmony Society signature drinks all week long!

-          10% off salon / spa treatments

 All this, plus MGM Grand offers free parking!

Please make plans today to join us for what is shaping up to be the most exciting International convention to date!   Register today while great seats are still available and reserve your hotel room at www.barbershopconvention.com/vegas.


Have you registered yet for the 2014 Midwinter Convention in Long Beach?  This will be a “can’t miss” event. Thursday evening will kick-off with a party on the historic Queen Mary for all convention attendees (included with your registration). This party will feature guest entertainers including our current medalist quartets!

The rest of the week will be just as exciting with two blockbuster shows featuring acts that you can’t see anywhere else in the world!  The Youth Chorus Festival features our future as incredible young men take the stage and strut their stuff.  …..and don’t forget about the Seniors!   The best Seniors quartets in the world face off to be crowned International Seniors Quartet Champion!

Long Beach is the perfect setting for all of this excitement to unfold!  Incredible weather, a fabulous theater for our shows and contests, excellent hotels – all within walking distance and plenty of world-class restaurants and nightlife just steps away.

Register today to save some money and get a great seat!  www.barbershopconvention.com/longbeach

Sure to be another great experience for participants and attendees alike, the 2014 Youth Chorus Festival is one you wouldn’t want any young man to miss. We have just a few spots open for Youth Chorus registrations. Encourage your local young men’s chorus to participate…they’ll thank you.     http://www.youthchorusfestival.com/index.php/registration

We are excited to present the 2014 Youth Chorus Festival participants.

Name of Chorus

Name of Director

The Chorus will officially represent

Tiny Mighty Chorus

Josh Landin

Far Western District, Central Valley Chapter, Golden Valley Chorus

NED Youth Workshop Chorus

Anthony Nasto

Barbershop Harmony Society District and/or Chapter

The OC Student Union

Nick Papageorge

Fullerton Joint Union High School District – Buena Park, Fullerton, La Habra, Sonora, Sunny Hills, and Troy High Schools

The Recruits

Jonny Moroni

Central States District, St. Louis School District, UMSL University

Ontario Youth   a cappella Chorus

Shawn Oakes & Jordan Travis

Ontario District

Cleveland Heights Barbershoppers

Craig L. McGaughey

High School

Boom Town Chorus

Joey Buss

Far Western District, Santa Fe Springs Chapter, Westminster Chapter, Las Vegas Chapter, Edison High School, Irvine High School, Cal State University Long Beach


Priscilla Shaw

Rocky Mtn. District, Denver Mountain Aires Chorus, Denver Public Schools, College/University

The Young Guns

Manny Lopez

The Southwestern District

The Nashiminey Young Men’s Chorus

Garry Warlow

Nashimite High School

Pacific Suns

Kathleen Hansen

La Jolla Chapter and San Diego Chapter

Georgia Spirit

Clay Hine & Tim Brooks

Atlanta Metro Chapter, GA, Greater Atlanta Chapter, GA, Haven Kolls Memorial

3rd St. Sound

Carol Stephenson

University of La Verne


Jay Dougherty

Rocky Mountain District
Denver Mile High / Sound of the Rockies

Mountain West Voices

Stephen Dugdale

Provo, Utah chapter
Brigham Young University

Harmony 2 Go

Stewart Wilkinson

Land O’ Lakes District, numerous high schools, University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina

Foothills Sound

Lee Franks

Dixie District, Greater Knoxville Chapter B-049, Chorus is formed by youth of the greater Knoxville metropolitan area


Andrew Rembecki

Central States District, Kansas City Metro chapter


BHS Service Center News

In May of this year, we introduced the new Customer Service Center to the membership. Two employees who primarily dealt with marketplace orders joined two employees who primarily dealt with membership inquiries to form a team of four that could handle both areas. They spent several months cross training, and after amicably parting ways with two employees, they spent some more months training new hires, Danny Becker & Laura Tracy.

Danny Becker, a member of Nashville’s Music City Chorus, brings years of experience handling customers in the real estate arena to the team. He has a genial attitude, an infectious enthusiasm, and an indisputable passion for the mission and purpose of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Laura Tracy, a native of Nashville, has experience handling customers in various nonprofit arenas. Laura brings to the team endless positivity, an encouraging spirit, and an obvious dedication for the tasks she undertakes.

In addition to seasoned team members Jacqueline Robinson and Michelle Hankins, and under the helm of returning Society staff member, Caki Watson, we hope to be able to give the membership new and improved customer service. The Customer Service Center is now the one stop shop to get your marketplace orders taken, your quartet registered, your membership renewed, and/or your questions answered. By reaching one person who is capable of handling all these requests, we have reduced the need for transfers, callbacks and multiple orders.


Our powerful membership database and members only “ebiz” was implemented to empower members in the field to take care of their barbershop business whether personal info, quartet, or chapter related. You’d be amazed at what you can do at your own computer. If you have questions regarding a member, chapter or the Society it is recommended that you go to www.barbershop.org or to https://ebiz.barbershop.org/ebusiness. You’ll be surprised how much information is at your fingertips.

Update to Record – When Joe Barbershopper has an update to his personal record, he can go onto e-Biz himself and update it, or his chapter secretary or other chapter officer can edit Joe’s record for him. In that way the Harmonizer, District Bulletin or other members will be able to locate Joe.

 Dues Renewal via eBiz – Online renewal with a working credit card is the quick and easy way to complete the renewal process. If you’re worried about contest, the fastest way to renew is online.

Chapter Secretary Dues Payments – Chapter Secretaries have the authority to look at all overdue chapter members and pay their dues with a credit card via eBiz. For those members who procrastinate or forget their renewal, the secretary has a quick way to view, select and pay for any member in this category.

Chapter Dues Changes – When your chapter board votes to change chapter dues, the local chapter secretary can go onto the chapter e-Biz page and input the new dues records at least 60 days in advance of their effective date. It is quicker than calling or sending an email to HQ.

Chapter Officer Reporting for 2014 – eBiz is the easy to use repository for creating a Chapter Role record for all elected and appointed positions. HQ, your district, and other Society members use these records to contact various leaders within your chapters to share information or seek chapter solutions to common circumstances. Following your elections this fall, please take the time to report your 2014 chapter officers.

Find Member Proximity Search – A great tool to identify BHS members who have moved to your area but have yet to visit is eBiz. Do a search from Find Members>Proximity Search and UNCHECK the “current members” button. This list will contain both deceased and former members at their last known addresses. Mail a card to the former members and invite them back for an alumni night at your chapter.


2013 Membership Metrics Report
September 2013


1. Sub-AIM:  Improved retention/renewal rate of the greatest demographics of nonrenewal

Goal: Increase the number of members renewing from year one to year two from 59% to 69%.

Current: 58.6%

 Goal: Increase the number of new youth members (under age 26) renewing from year one to year two from 40% to 60%.

Current: 40.4%

2.  Sub-AIM:  Increase the number of EZ Dues participants from 2325 (current) to 4650 by year end 2013.

Goal: 4,650

Current: 2,466


3. AIM:  Total annual net membership change.

Goal: Stable Membership 12/1/13 at 23,583

Current: 22,744

Comments: The Membership Development Committee is working with the Membership VPs to assemble a “best practices of recruitment, orientation, and retention” compilation with submissions from each district of their best examples.  Their plan is to review submissions at the end of September and begin to build a training plan based on the document.

4.  Sub-AIM:  Project manage the communication process of onboarding a chapter so the average new chapter is chartered within six months from initial contact.

Goal: Establish a benchmark average timeline of this process to use to set improvement goals beyond 2013

Comments: The Peachtree, GA chapter chartered in August!  Three of the six groups (in phases III thru VI) are well on their way to completing the chartering process, with a few more not too far behind.  39 groups are in phase one of the process, which means they’ve request information on starting a chapter and have been sent a license kit.  It is likely we will charter two new chapters in the next few months.


Carryover into 2013









































Inquiring Charter Name

Chapter Code if Applicable

Current Phase

Inquiry Date

Rome, NY




Black River Valley, NY




Thunder Bay, ON




Albany, GA




Denver, CO




Provo, UT





5. AIM:  Create a specific number of new chapters each year.

Goal: Create eight (8) new chapters during the year.

Current: 2 new chapters year-to-date: Brunswick County, NC; Peachtree City, GA

Comments: The chart on the following page gives you a general idea of a three year history of total Society chapters month over month.  More detail about the current chartering process is provided in the Sub-AIMs section of this report.  Reasons for the decrease in chapters are as follows:

  • January: Two chapters merged into one, clean-up of old licensed chapters that did not come to fruition.

  • February: Two chapters merged into one, clean-up of old licensed chapters that did not come to fruition.

  • March: Two chapters merged into one.

  • April: One chapter turned in its charter.

  • May: Two licensed chapters were created in the database.  One license group was shut down (clean up).

  • June: No new activity

  • July: No new activity

  • August: No new activity

  • September: Two chapters merged into one.




    Harmony University 2013 was a tremendous success in many ways.  

    Knowing it was our final year at MWSU, there seemed to be a very nostalgic, positive vibe that started Sunday night with a “tone setting” keynote address by Dr. Tim Sharp, and continued throughout the week.  The student body and faculty feedback through surveys, follow up emails, and social media, has been very positive.



    • Sunday Night Keynote Address – Dr. Tim Sharp (Executive Director of ACDA)

      • Appropriate, relevant message

      • Set the tone to open the minds of student body

    • Ringmasters’ Role and Involvement

      • First champ quartet to stay / teach entire week in over 30 years

      • They were champions in every sense of the word…preparedness, approachability, availability, etc.

    • Faculty Adjustments

      • Through encouragement from BHS staff, the HU Faculty was much more available to student body than in years past

        • Student feedback on surveys state this as a very positive attribute of the week, over and over

      • Of our 53 faculty, 25 (47%) were degreed Musicians!

    • Choruses getting coached for full week in a ‘gold mine’ resource

      • Central Standard in ’13, SoR  in ’12, ’09 Western Hospitality Singers (Calgary)

      • Director of Central Standard, Rob Mance – “The HU experience surpassed our expectations for the entire week on the very first day!”

    • PVI (Private Voice Instruction) Program

      • 98 students received a PVI during the week from one of six instructors (116 Students received in 2012)

      • Although student / teacher ratio is hard to justify on this program, those that received the PVI rated their experience as “Excellent”

    • International attendees

    • 23 Music Educators in attendance (Compared to 11 in 2012)

    Thursday Night Bash

    During the awarding of the “opportunities”, a gentleman won 2 registrations to the 2014 International Convention in Las Vegas.  Instead of celebrating and running away with his winnings, he stated he wanted to donate them to one of the younger attendees.  This turned into the most amazing display of giving and generosity we’ve seen in recent memory.

    • 76 students fit the description of 25 and under

    • 76 people donated registrations…including members of the BOD who weren’t even in attendance!

    Attendee Feedback

    290 attendees (66%) completed the survey for 2013 (282 (63%) in 2012).

    Areas of major improvement over 2012 survey results include (based on student comments…not specific survey questions):

    • Availability of faculty

    • Headline quartet – their attendance / availability throughout the week

    • Saturday Night show

    Areas of significantly lower satisfaction over 2012 survey results include (based on student comments…not specific survey questions):

    • Food

    • MWSU assistance / availability to address issues within dorms



    If you have not heard by now, Harmony University-The Event is moving to Nashville in 2014.  Click here to see our announcement video.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ggVojhrN3U

    • Chorus College – Due to the facility space, proximity to many barbershoppers, and the increased demand from previous successful experiences, we are offering a Chorus College in 2014

      • We have space for FOUR choruses…first come, first served

      • ONE chorus is already booked and two others very interested

      • Discounted / group rates for choruses

    • State of the art performance spaces

    • Recording capabilities for quartets and choruses

    • New residence halls

    • Upgraded dining facilities

    • Classes, dorms, dining hall are all in close proximity to each other


    How to register:

    • Chorus registrations have already begun.  Call Sherry Lewis or Mike O’Neill for details

    • Individual registrations will open in January

    You won’t want to miss the first HU in Nashville on the beautiful campus of Belmont University.

    HARMONY UNIVERSITY EXPANDING – www.HarmonyUniversity.org

    Over the next few months, we will begin developing Distance Learning opportunities for barbershoppers, leaders in the barbershop community, and other curriculum that will be available to musicians world-wide.  Content will include:

    • Scheduled web-based sessions

    • Archived courses / workshops

    • Video tutorials

    • A place to encourage stronger interactivity and collaboration

    • Live interviews / chat sessions

    • Members Only relevant content behind our Members Only firewall

    NOVEMBER – Secretary, Treasurer and President supplemental video instruction will be provided to all new and existing officers.  Stay tuned for further release details.

    2013 Youth Workshops and Harmony Explosion Camps

    2013 Harmony Explosion Camp Northeast

    Beginning this year, Youth Workshops and Harmony Explosion Camps were required to submit a Grant Application Form to qualify for funds from Harmony Foundation International.  The Grant Application process will continue for the 2014 Workshops and Harmony Explosion Camps.  Providing opportunities, for increased numbers of youth and educators to take advantage of the many fine Workshops and HX Camps our chapters offer, continues to be a major factor of the success of our youth outreach programs.  Therefor the grant application process allows the prioritization of funding towards start-up and growth initiatives. Grant applications submitted will be reviewed by the BHS YIH OT Committee and HFI.

    The 2014 one day Youth Workshop and Harmony Explosion Camp Grant Application Deadlines are:


    Application Released

    Application Due

    Notification of Award


    September 1, 2013

    November 1, 2013

    December 15, 2013

    For additional YIH Grant application information visit:   www.barbershop.org/youth

    BHS Updated Website

    On April 11th, the Society launched an updated front page to www.barbershop.org to be more outwardly focused. Response so far has been overwhelmingly positive, with total traffic more than doubling when compared to the same time period last year.

    Regarding the show flyers, brochures, etc… we’re at the very early stages of a new paradigm which will most likely include a fee for chapters to subscribe to an online media-creation service. Chapters would be able to log in and purchase flyers they can create themselves using online tools, photo uploads, text entering, etc, for flyers, brochures, biz cards, and other potential types of marketing/PR materials.

    This will of course save us a ton of time and empower chapters to create these materials themselves either by downloading free templates, or by paying a small fee for an online service that will automatically generate the printable PDF files themselves.

    BHS Social Media

    Facebook – Our large events (Midwinter, 75th Anniversary, International) see the most visitors to our Facebook page, as expected.  However, we’re attempting to keep a steady stream of information so our viewership continues to grow.  We currently have 10,143 “likes”, or people following our page, which has increased by 1600 since the last HOD eport.  Over 2,000 post shares, over 3,000 comments, over 90 mentions (in other posts) to date.  

    Twitter – We have 3502 twitter followers – 300+ added since last report.  200+ retweets, 100+ mentions, part of 80+ lists, 968 tweets sent to date. We’ve been gaining followers daily.  We created a hashtag for Toronto and it was an incredible hit with barbershoppers and our followers.  This allowed us to keep the audience connected at home and those who attended the convention.

    Instagram – This is our newest social network.  We currently have 143 followers, 40 posts, 600+ likes, and 30+ comments.  This is a great way to quickly send a visual and video update.  We used this a lot in Toronto and that is where we picked up a majority of our followers which is not surprising.  When we don’t have any big events happening, we can convey updates on the barbershop.org webpage, visitors in house, and silly barbershop memes to keep the mood light and fun.

    Our Klout Score has increased by 13 points since we signed up.  Currently, our score is 64.  What is a Klout Score? The Klout Score measures a person’s overall online influence on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the most influential. Klout’s system analyzes multiple social networks based on your engagement. It is the number in the orange box on your profile.  (Average score is around 40. Users with a score of 63 are in the top 5% of all users.)

    Harmony Marketplace

    The launch of our new e-commerce platform last February has led to a significant increase in online orders.  Much of that is simply attributed to the “customer friendliness” of the website while we continue to see online music sales increase with the addition of first page previews for most sheet music available from the Society.    

    We’re seeing nearly 1/3 of our totals Marketplace sales taking place online.  When you consider another 1/4 of our sales take place in person at Midwinter, International, or Harmony University, our online sales are doing quite well.  Here is a sampling of the new reports we have at our disposal to measure our Harmony Marketplace progress.

    Top Products Sold:

    Month to Date Sales: Total Daily Sales:

    We also launched in July a Harmony Marketplace e-newsletter.  You can stay up to date on the latest music releases, new products, and special discount campaigns we run on an almost weekly basis.  If you’ve not received a copy of our e-newsletter you can sign up here: http://tinyurl.com/yc4xw5d.

    No Fall Catalog-We’re going green this year and will not be producing a Harmony Marketplace Catalog.  www.harmonymarketplace.com has everything you need to know (and more!) about the great items available through the Society.  When you sign up for the newsletter (above), you’ll be the first to know about all of our great shopping opportunities.


    First page music preview now available on Harmony Marketplace

    Now you can see the music before you buy it!

    Harmony Marketplace now offers previews for over 7,000 barbershop arrangements.



    Reporting in eBiz

    As you are aware, chapters have an annual requirement to file some version of the Form 990 with the IRS each year (T2 and T1178 with the CRA for Canadian chapters), as well as to complete a financial review and keep up to date with their respective Secretaries of State.  While most of our chapters comply with these requirements, such compliance is not always documented via eBiz by the chapter.  EBiz is the primary vehicle the Society has to track completion of these filings.  If your chapter has not logged compliance for 2012 into eBiz, please do so under the “Financial Filings” heading as soon as possible.

    Below is a chart, by district, showing the filings logged into eBiz through August.

    Insurance Certificates

    Please note that our general liability insurance certificates as well as the request forms to get a third party listed as an additional insured are available on the Society’s website.  Beginning in 2013, Canadian requests are processed by our Canadian agency (Excel Insurance) while US requests will continue to be processed by our US agency (The Crichton Group).  Contact details for each are on their respective request forms.


    Please note that the minimum annual ASCAP fee for 2013 is $235.  The ASCAP form is available on the Society’s website.


    Following the Sept/Oct issue of the Harmonizer (covering primarily the 2013 International Convention in Toronto) the Nov/Dec 2013 issue of The Harmonizer will be themed “No Strings Attached.” In conjunction with the direction outlined at the Saturday Night Spectacular, we are soliciting stories from chapters, quartets and individuals who have a focus on giving to their communities, “no strings attached,” and the outcomes of those relationships. A request for articles went out in Livewire and in the July/August 2013 issue of The Harmonizer, but few submissions have been received. We know there are more stories. Any assistance in identifying chapters or individuals who have fostered these giving relationships would be appreciated. Please contact Lorin May at LMay@barbershop.org.

    In the Jan/Feb 2014 issue, we will be covering a sensitive topic: disenfranchised members. These are members who continue to pay Society dues but are not active in Society life. We will discuss some of the reasons they feel disenfranchised and discuss some things more active Society members have done to help them come back into more active membership. This story is currently being worked on by two authors who have identified the parameters and are doing research based on feedback from the 23K Project. Any examples or guidance in this endeavor is welcome. Again, please contact Lorin May at LMay@barbershop.org.

    What is Harmonizer TV?  Harmonizer TV is the latest Barbershop news channel that gives you monthly broadcast of top events in barbershop history. From important keynote addresses to episodes that help you to see more clearly into the Barbershop Harmony Society.

    Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4

    HTV 1 With Marty Monson


    HTV 2 Keynote with Marty Monson


    HTV 3  75th Birthday bash and Mayor Dean


    HTV 4 with Tim Sharp


    Along with HTV our production team has been busy with the Society’s YouTube page.

    • International Gold Medalist

    • Keynote Addresses

    • Tag Time Videos

    • Harmony University Training

    • Famous Supporters of the Society


                    (Toronto Northern Lights)                                                               (Mike Rowe)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUdjE_7htio             http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_WvhwZbMyQ

    Old Songs Music Library | Music Clearance Services

    One of the most reliable sources for legal barbershop arrangements is the Barbershop Harmony Society Music Catalog of published and unpublished arrangements, available through Harmony Marketplace. In order to maintain compliance with copyright laws, purchase one copy for every member of the quartet or chorus, plus a few extras for your file. Every performer must have a legally purchased copy. It is illegal to learn an arrangement in any manner that would be in lieu of purchasing the music.

    If you plan to create a new arrangement of an existing copyrighted work, you may do so only with permission from the copyright holder(s). The Barbershop Harmony Society provides a service for securing such permission. It involves the payment of a fee for the first five copies (one copy is retained for the publisher) plus a charge for additional copies. Arrangers must be certain to secure this consent before preparing an arrangement. However, in some cases the publisher may ask to review the arrangement prior to giving approval.

    It is important to know that an arrangement becomes the property of the copyright holder, not the arranger. (Exception: if the song is in the public domain – that is, a song published 1923 or earlier – the arranger may well be the copyright owner of the arrangement.)

    For additional information and resources about copyright, or to download our Permission To Arrange Form, please follow this link: http://www.barbershop.org/resources/document-center/copyright-and-legal/

    Janice Bane, the Society’s music licensing and library manager, is available to further assist you at library@barbershop.org or 1-800-876-7464, Extension 4127.

    2013 Society Operations Team

    The Society Operations Team consists of the eight Society functional committee chairs and two District Presidents. Our 2013 Society Operations Team is as follows:

    BHS OT Chairman                                   BHS Staff Liaison

    Kevin Keller, C&J Chair                               Rick Spencer

    Steve Scott, CDD Chair                             Mike O’Neill

    Russell Shaner, CSLT Chair                    Mike O’Neill

    Kevin Pape, Events Chair                         Dusty Schleier

    Christian Hunter, Membership Chair   Rick Spencer

    Steve Stripling, Marketing/PR Chair     Lorin May

    Larry Monson, M&P Chair                Adam Scott

    Terry Reichenbach, YIH Chair              Joe Cerutti

    Jeff Bowyer, DPs Rep.    Marty Monson

    Barry Towner, DPs Rep.    Marty Monson

    Together We’re Making The Music That Is Making A Difference


    SE/MM/pl 9-13-13