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Music Leadership & Life-Long Music Education

Musical Leadership & Life-Long Music Education


AIC Stories – Champion Conversations, vol. 1

Association of International Champions

Hang out with the champs as they share a rare behind-the-scenes look at what happens when you dedicate your life to this level of quartet singing. Fred Farrell leads a panel of gold medalists: Jay Hawkins, Hank Brandt, Mark Hale, Royce Ferguson, Mike Lawton, and Drayton Justus. 

Copyright 101

Janice Bane & Scott Harris

One of the most frequent topics we hear about from members is Copyright. Our clearance expert and former Warner-Chapel employee Janice Bane is joined by longtime print music specialist and BHS Arranger & Repertoire Manager Scott Harris to explain some of the rules you need to know! They discuss clearing a new arrangement, guidelines for barbershop shows, and the difference between print music rules and audio recording rules.

Structuring Effective Chorus Rehearsals

Theo Hicks

Learn from classroom music teacher, chorus director, and BHS gold medal quartet singer, Theo Hicks, on how to plan and implement effective rehearsals for your barbershop group. Theo discusses how it is not just about the rehearsal, it revolves around the barbershop chapter experience and your singer’s ownership over their product. Great experiences and rehearsals blend art and science. This 23-minute video will give you both concepts to build on and content to share. Change a few things in your approach and make a big difference, even as soon as next week.

Grant Basics 101

Ashley Brown and Ashley Torroll

In addition to briefly describing the BHS grant process, this class will aid you in creating more persuasive and descriptive answers to grant proposal questions to help enable exciting engagement with your communities.

Director’s Roundtable

Gary Steinkamp, Rob Mance, and Steve Armstrong

Gary Steinkamp, Rob Mance and Steve Armstrong share ideas and strategies and investigate barriers and frustrations. Collectively, watch how participants develop a new network of peers and friends who want to see directors succeed and learn the most important thing of all.. you are not alone! 

The Power of Positive Coaching

Cindy Hansen-Ellis and Paul Ellinger

Positive communication in a coaching session can and will impact the singer, the performance, and the audience. Cindy and Paul will model coaching styles with both registered and pick up groups, and will show do’s and don’t that may not be on your radar based on gender, age, experience, or other issues that need to be navigated. 

The Science of Riser Placement

Rob Mance & Steve Scott

Watch Rob Mance spend 90 minutes with a live chorus and talk about “stacking” the risers with several goals in mind. Learn how you can influence blend and pitch by where you put individuals and voice parts.

Directors… STOP Talking!

Dr. Don Campbell & Kirk Young

Watch Dr. Don Campbell direct a group with limited verbal cues, while Kirk Young breaks down what just happened.  Directors can communicate so much more by speaking less, and have wonderful, unintended results!

History of Barbershop

Dr. David Wright

Dr. David Wright takes an in-depth look at the barbershop art form, its history, how it formed, and how it continues to evolve even today. Wright has been a mainstay every year at our Harmony University with his class History of Barbershop. His class combines many years of extensive research with his own experience with singing barbershop to craft a presentation that’s both entertaining and enlightening.

Outstanding in Front: 16 Part Tutorials

Larry Dodge

Watch director Larry start at the most basic concepts in directing and advance to our most advanced. The best way to use these? Watch one, work with the concepts with your group, then watch the next one. Don’t watch all 16… you will explode!


Warm Up Series

Various Faculty

Watch one of these 15 minute videos and get some ideas! Better yet, set up a big screen or projector, and have your chorus try any of our HU warm ups!

HU Key Note Addresses

Various Faculty & Guests

HU General Session Series

Various Faculty & Guests

Contest & Judging Education Videos

Even more content will be shared in the coming year around the Barbershop Harmony Society’s Contest & Judging System.