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Our chapter is intersted in setting goals for the upcoming year. Do you have any resources?

Yes! Take a look at the participant guide of our leadership curriculum “Personal Leadership in Action: Setting and Achieving Goals”. If you would like assistance from one of our Certified Leadership Facilitators to assist your chapter, please contact us

Is there a sample/template survey for seeking out the talents of my chapter members? 

Yes! Here is a sample Chapter Member Talent Survey that can be used to dive into various areas of talent that your members might have! 

Do you have a guide for Chapter Meetings? 

We do! Here is an updated Chapter Program Guide that is FULL of ideas about chapter meetings. 

How do I grow my chapter’s membership?

These resources are here to help you perhaps think about your membership development in an entirely new way, and get focused on what’s important for you and your chapter. Be its development tools, a new mindset, or ways to get the most enjoyment out of your chapter’s meetings. Feel free to use and print these documents as your own materials.

How do I make my chapter meetings more fun?

Take a look at this Harmonizer article that can assist you and your chapter in throwing a successful guest night.

What opportunities are out there in terms of grants for our community efforts?

The Barbershop Harmony Society can be your partner in having a greater impact in your community through grants. Our Grants program supporting community music activities is now accepting applications.

How do I recruit new members and preserve our hobby?

Why is barbershop worth preserving? These documents are a great resource to help spread the word and calibrate your chapter’s mindset on what it is we’re working to preserve.

How do I spread the word about my chapter?

What reference materials are available for my leaders?

On our online Document Center, we have various manuals and tools that can help define these roles with clarity, and help focus the tasks these critical leadership positions can organize to help your chapter.


For all comments, questions or concerns please feel free to contact the
BHS Chapter Leadership & Education Team at or by calling 1-800-876-7464