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Design the right kind of Board for your chapter with revised Chapter Bylaws

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The Society Board of Directors approved recent revisions to the Standard Chapter Bylaws to add greater flexibility for chapters to design a board structure best suited to meet the chapter’s individual needs. In October 2015, the prior substantial requirements for the composition of each chapter board was reduced to at least three positions (President, Secretary, and Treasurer, with the ability for the Secretary & Treasurer to be carried out by the same person). In August 2016, BHS chapters are provided the option to adapt the structure of their chapter board of directors to include up to two non-member voting at-large seats.  

This flexible board option is a result of a highly successful pilot project launched in January 2015. In general, this new option allows chapters to engage with and add individuals with specific skill sets or connections that were not already within the chapter. Since the diversity of our chapters is astronomical, some chapters may benefit from a more open, outward-focused board that allows more community representation. This may increase those chapters’ capacity to think ‘outside the box’ in partnerships with communities, their leaders, and for more opportunities to collaborate.  

Through our pilot, we learned that contributions from outside community members have been significant and varied from chapter to chapter, but allowed the flexibility for these non-members to serve as ‘working’ board members as opposed to only advisors. As a reminder, this is an option and not required. For some chapters, we recognize it may not be of interest to include non-members on your chapter board, and that is OK!

BHS Chapters have the option of utilizing the flexible board option right away! As you look to create your board of directors for 2017, you may include up to two non-member at-large board of director seats.  Information about the current board of directors composition can be found in Article VI. of the Standard Chapter Bylaws (find the updated version by clicking here).

For chapters who wish to have more than two non-member at-large board seats on your board of directors, there is an expanded flexible board option available to be approved by the Society Executive Director/CEO. For the application and more information about that process, please email chapters@barbershop.org.  

For all other questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact Antonio Lombardi, Manager of Chapter Leadership & Education at chapters@barbershop.org or by calling (615) 823-3993