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International Champions

International Champions

International Quartet Champions
Every quartet champion since 1939
International Chorus Champions
From the first "invitational" in '53, to the first "official" contest in '54, the International Chorus Contest proves lives up to its billing as "The Greatest Show On Earth"
Seniors Quartet Champions
A tradition since the first Midwinter contest in 1986
Youth Barbershop Quartet Champions
A tradition since the first Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest (originally called the Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Contest) in 1992
Youth Chorus Festival Champions
The Society's newest tradition, this festival brings together some of the most talented and exciting youth choruses in the world together each year at Midwinter.
All Past Champions
A comprehensive list of all categories of champions including champs, years, and convention locations

A Tradition of Excellence

Each year, members of the Society gather together at our International Convention and celebrates harmony through the fraternity and brotherhood of song. The competitions that take place each year at this convention (and the Midwinter conventions) are just one way we all celebrate this unique life-changing hobby of ours, and we dedicate these pages to the hard work and effort these championship groups put forth to give back to Barbershop everything they put into it.