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Arrangement Contestability

Arrangement Contestability

Is my arrangement contestable?

The Music Category has comprised a team of Music Judges that is happy to address any questions you may have about the contestability of an arrangement. All questions should be directed to the Committee Chairman, Don Gray at dongray@cinci.rr.com.

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(Please note: No arranger information is available with this database. This database gives you a reasonable expectation as to whether the song can be contestable. You could contact the performing group directly to find out what arrangement they sang if need be.)

Are you looking for an arranger?

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Please note the following information in your email to Don:

  • All submissions must be in machine-readable form–e.g., an e-mail message requesting a review, and any supporting attachments.
  • The requesting message should cover performer skills, time frame needed for reply, etc.
  • Required attachment can be either a .mus FINALE file (greatly preferred) or a .pdf file.
  • Optional supporting attachments might include: a copy of the original sheet music; a .mid or MP3 file of a rendition by the proposed performer; a .mid or …MP3 file of a rendition by another performer (Barbershop only)

You should expect a response to your inquiry within two weeks.