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Celebrate Harmony – Society’s 75th Anniversary

Welcome to the Society’s 75th Year

With this show we hope to entertain and educate the public with our rich heritage and the music we share. Here you will find a little sprinkle of our history throughout the show with the main focus on our style and the entertainment value of our music.

We want to entertain first, and educate our audience second. The songs selected were picked based on the following criteria:

  • The era, style and song are “Barbershop”.
  • They are easy and fun to sing.
  • There is a historic connection to our heritage.
  • Each song has a learning track.
  • All of these songs have been previously published and cleared by the Society.

These songs are vintage arrangements and have not been overly performed by Society choruses in recent years – these should be “fresh” and new repertoire for the average chapter chorus.

Here you will find a balance of songs styles and tempo for a variety of music on the show.

Any of these songs can be easily incorporated into the regular chorus public performances throughout the year. We also include additional songs that can be inserted or substituted into this package as needed to lengthen and customize.

Additional information and images have been provided (available on the Society’s website) for your chapter bulletin, on your chapter webpage or in your printed show program.

If you have any questions, or need help and support, please email grady@gradywilliamkerr.com.

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Celebrate Harmony

Written for the 75th anniversary of the Barbershop Harmony Society
Words, music, arr. Joe Liles


For Chapters -
Installation Ceremony

Use this specially-prepared script for your officer installations!


Celebrate Historical Photos

Feel free to use these photos in your materials for your group’s own 75th anniversary celebrations

Click here to download ALL photos (ZIP file, 12.5mb)