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Why I Barbershop

Kristin Berkey-Abbott: The Beauty of Barbershop and All Its Inspirations

Living barbershop from the inside, it's always refreshing for us to step away and hear barbershop with fresh ears. Alexandria Harmonizer Tom Berkey invited his daughter, Kristin,  to see him compete in Orlando, and she wrote this nice appreciation of the event and art form. When I've told people that I would be spending my vacation day on Friday watching my dad in a Barbershop competition, most...
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A message from Marty…

Now is the very best time to be a Barbershopper A bold statement? You bet. The Society is better positioned today for making a change in the world than we have been for years. Consider: Barbershop is getting meaningful media coverage (NBC’s Today Show, Fox and Friends, Redeye with Tom Shillue, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, local stations, etc.) and YouTube (almost 4 million views in ...
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Local quartet turns one gig into three!

Pittsburgh-area quartet Chromatics had a fun but typical day planned... sing at a local event, then maybe grab a bite to eat. But being in the right place at the right time paid off and turned into a big day! The lesson? Sing well, get barbershop out into the world, and be ready for anything! Check out their recap: My quartet, Chromatics, has been hired to sing on stage as part of Pittsburgh's a...
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Dick Van Dyke keeps young by singing and moving

As he nears his 90th birthday, Society Honorary Life Member Dick Van Dyke keeps going strong-- he's still dancing, writing, and, yes, singing. The legendary performer discusses his new book of health and life advice, titled "Keep Moving and Other Tips and Truths About Aging." In several places, he mentions his current group, The Vantastix, and his love of singing.  ("I love the rehearsal!") Towar...
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Stop “Defending” Music Education | Peter Greene

In Stop "Defending" Music Education, Peter Greene argues that "Music does not need to make excuses for itself, as if it had no intrinsic worth. It does not have to dress itself up in test-taking robes or mathematical masks. It has deep, powerful human value, and all of us who love it should be saying so, over and over and over again. Do not defend a music program because it's good for other th...
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Mixed Quartet Contest Begins with Surprise Ending

You can’t beat this for originality, surprise, and being a first. It was a well guarded secret that the Mixed Quartet Contest recently held in the Southwestern District was going to have a BIG surprise ending. The SWD is one of the first districts in the Society to jump onboard and include MIXED quartets (men and women) as part of its fall convention. Already very popular in Germany, the new gen...
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News from Abroad: A barbershopper’s visit in Wales

Music Category Specialist Paul Wigley thought he was just attending a judging seminar for our barbershop brothers and sisters in the UK. That simple trip expanded dramatically once he decided to add Wales to his schedule! Paul writes: "I have a lot of relatives in Wales, and when I added that to my itinerary, the next thing I knew I was doing a workshop in Caernarfon, Wales, at the Canolfan Gerdd...
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Heart Healthy Chapters

President Dan Sullivan writes that after several years of saying that he would like to sing barbershop, he finally joined the North Georgia Barbershop Singers and is enjoying it immensely. Even when he sings an off-key note or sings the wrong words, it can’t detract from how good singing makes him feel.  Writing in the Lake Lanier Chapter bulletin, Down Our Way, Dan says he "leaves every rehearsal...
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Port City Sound Keeps Skies Friendly, Goes Viral!

Last week, we shared a link on the BHS facebook page that was originally posted by US Airways flight attendant Kari Holsapple Mann. Now it's a week later and we are seeing links to the story and video all over the place! Several news station web sites ran the story and a number of other web sites have featured the video... all mentioning the inspirational power of music. Excellent work, gents! Fli...
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