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HQ operations

FAQ: BHS website refresh and new Document Center

General Information Our refreshed website makes it easier for newcomers to learn more about the barbershop world. This leaner, more colorful site is designed to quickly help singers find places to sing, bring fans the music and merchandise they love, and guide educators and students to explore barbershop in the classroom and on the stage. A comprehensive review of web traffic over the past three...
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Changes to Mission, Purposes, and Code of Ethics approved by Society Board of Directors

On September 17, 2018, the Barbershop Harmony Society Board of Directors approved changes to the Mission, Purposes, and Code of Ethics to better align with the vision of “Everyone in Harmony.”  The approved statements, with discussion of the changes, are outlined below. This updated language will appear on barbershop.org in conjunction with the launch of our refreshed web page on October 8th and w...
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Many hands make light work: Society leadership teams in action!

Many hands make light work The twelve members of the Barbershop Harmony Society Board of Directors (SBOD) are all hard-working, dedicated volunteers, but even they know that providing strategic guidance for the 80-year-old Society can be a daunting task!  Throughout the process of strategic planning, and as BHS Board, staff, members, and fans strive toward the vision of “Everyone in Harmony,” the...
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Coming Soon … A New Look for Barbershop.org!

We’re excited to soon share with you a new and improved look for barbershop.org, ready to be launched on October 8th. We’ve set out to improve user experience for first-time visitors and long-time members alike, and provide quick access to our most sought-after resources, including music, events, and education. In addition, our vision and mission are integral to everything we do, and we’ve set ou...
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Youth Policy Procedure FAQs

As chapter and district leaders, you have several key responsibilities to the members that you encounter; responsibilities that the Barbershop Harmony Society acknowledges and shares. One such important responsibility is to our youth members, and especially members under 18 years of age. BHS has a Youth Policy which can be found here. Over the last several years, we have been taking steps to bette...
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BHS announces changes to Membership and Associate Programs

Member and Associate Dues (5)
The Barbershop Harmony Society is making some changes to the Society Membership and Associate programs. These changes include both an increase in the base dues as well as the introduction of discounts to incentivize early renewal and online purchases and renewal using the Member Center. The new rates will go into effect for all new memberships starting May 1, 2018 and existing memberships with ren...
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Frequently Asked Questions: Society Membership and Associate programs

Copy of member center bar (1)
  Frequently Asked Questions Why are you raising membership dues? Membership dues for the Barbershop Harmony Society have remained at the same rate for the last 4 years, while inflation and other economic forces have increased the cost of doing business and services provided to our members, associates and chapters. The Society Board of Directors and staff recognize that we must increase dues ...
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Your barbershop memories last a lifetime. Your membership can, too.

By the time you’ve hit five or ten years as a Barbershopper, you’ve probably crossed that tipping point where you know this is going to be forever. You’ve passed through the stages in which interest has progressed into hobby, and from there into a lifestyle, then into a mission, until at last, barbershop is your identity.  If barbershop is your life, you should consider becoming a Lifetime Member...
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BHS Contest Entry Using Barberscore: Information and Tutorials

The Barbershop Harmony Society is utilizing a new platform called Barberscore for contest management and entry for all chapters and quartets for division, district, and international contests.    To better understand and be able to assist our members, please review the following resources: Barberscore FAQ for Competitors Contest Entry Tutorial for Quartets Contest Entry Tutorial for Choru...
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A Message to all leaders: 2017 in review

Marty Monson - Head Shot (Resized)
For a printable/shareable version please click here. Marty MonsonExecutive Director/CEOBarbershop Harmony Societyceo@barbershop.org | 800.876.7464   2017 in review: It’s GREAT to be a Barbershopper! Yes, that’s still true, and we are excited more than ever with the progress we’ve made to spread the Joy of Singing (yes, in the barbershop style) to millions of people all around the world....
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