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Everyone In Harmony

Changes to Mission, Purposes, and Code of Ethics approved by Society Board of Directors

On September 17, 2018, the Barbershop Harmony Society Board of Directors approved changes to the Mission, Purposes, and Code of Ethics to better align with the vision of “Everyone in Harmony.”  The approved statements, with discussion of the changes, are outlined below. This updated language will appear on barbershop.org in conjunction with the launch of our refreshed web page on October 8th and w...
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Many hands make light work: Society leadership teams in action!

Many hands make light work The twelve members of the Barbershop Harmony Society Board of Directors (SBOD) are all hard-working, dedicated volunteers, but even they know that providing strategic guidance for the 80-year-old Society can be a daunting task!  Throughout the process of strategic planning, and as BHS Board, staff, members, and fans strive toward the vision of “Everyone in Harmony,” the...
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Society Board announces next step toward Everyone In Harmony

The Barbershop Harmony Society believes that what we offer – the experience of singing together in harmony – is meaningful to all people, and should therefore be accessible to people in all combinations. Since the announcement of the Strategic Vision last June, the Society Board and staff leadership have been involved in ongoing discussions about the best way to achieve the vision of Everyone in...
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Update on Strategic Planning — Progress Towards “Everyone in Harmony”

Since the announcement of the Strategic Vision last June, the Society Board and staff leadership have been involved in ongoing discussions about the best way to achieve the vision of “Everyone in Harmony.”  Since then, we’ve had numerous “town hall” meetings at District Conventions and hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of you have had provided feedback through emails, phone calls, and individual co...
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Streaming live next week: College singers debut barbershop quartet at Kennedy Center

Out of Time, from Schenectady County Community College, will appear in a concert streamed live from the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. next Wednesday, May 30, at 6:00pm EST. The VSA International Young Soloists’ mission is to provide opportunities to people with disabilities of all ages and abilities to learn through, participate in, and enjoy the arts. The competition...
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Guest blog: The impact of the male singing experience, shared with everyone – Debra Lynn

Recently, in an impromptu Facebook video post, guest blogger Debra Lynn shared her thoughts about why the male-only chorus and quartet structure is so important to preserve. Her personal story and observations closely align with our core mission and provide particular insight into why we are so committed to both preserving the male singing experience and exploring ways to become a more fully inclu...
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Guest Blog: Everyone Can Sing! – Jack Peters

Everyone Can Sing! by Jack Peters   If you can speak, you can sing -- maybe not as you’d like or think you should, but you can make a tone and that is a start. Maybe you, like a billion or so others, have said, “I can’t sing” or heard from loved ones, “please, don’t sing!” However, singing is a very natural thing we can do from our very first cry. Everyone is entitled to its proven pleasur...
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Everyone In Harmony: Downloadable Resources

You’re invited to show your support for the Strategic Vision by downloading these resources and using them as a reminder to you and your chapters about the ever-growing Strategic Vision that will shape the future of our Society for generations to come. Everyone In Harmony Poster (PDF format, 11″ x 17″) Download this 11″ x 17″ poster and utilize your local printer to place this poster anywhere yo...
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So You Think You Know Barbershop?

This regular series is intended for music educators and others interested in knowing more about this unique vocal style. Most importantly, our goal is to provide support for musicians and constructive solutions for singers. So you think you know barbershop? Admit it: the go-to image in your mind of barbershop music is four guys in striped vests and boater hats. From the Dapper Dans serenading Di...
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Building Musicians: Resources for Learning Musicianship

building musicians
This regular series will examine different facets of building musicians in which we hope to dispel myths and inaccuracies. Most importantly, our goal is to provide support for music teams and provide constructive solutions for singers. Personal Musicianship  Singers join our chapters for many reasons, but all share the love of singing barbershop chords. Some singers come to us with years of sing...
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