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2015 New Orleans

Taipei to New Orleans: A new barbershopper is born!

This is Alex. From L to R: Steve Zorn, Eric Dove, Alex Li, and Marty Monson He saw a YouTube video of Storm Front singing "Lida Rose" and began searching for more barbershop... a common beginning for young barbershoppers that usually ends in finding a local chapter and starting on a fairly small scale. But in this case, the search began in Taipei, Taiwan. Alex had been planning a visit to the ...
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Traditional New Orleans Foods | Gumbo, Jambalaya, Red Beans and Rice

New Orleans takes its food seriously, because it treats its food so joyously. On its excellent trip planning site, the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau e If you end up at some boring chain restaurant eating bland hamburgers while you're in New Orleans, we'll simply never forgive you. More importantly, you'll never forgive yourself. Avoid such shame by familiarizing yourself with the d...
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Students hit high note with Barbershop Extravaganza | azfamily.com Phoenix

Young choruses in the International Youth Chorus Festival at the 2015 Midwinter convention are ramping up right now, and we're starting to se some nice press coverage. Here's a nice piece on the Chandler Men's Chorus. You might not expect to hear barbershop music from high schoolers, but that's exactly what you'll hear at Chandler High School.A student group that will be performing on the concer...
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First pre-contest prognostication in press: Gulf Coasters – Naples Daily News

Hats off to the Naple Daily News for early coverage of the 2015 Seniors Quartet Contest! The Gulf Coasters, a local barbershop quartet, won first place at the Sunshine District Competition for seniors Oct. 10-12 at the Airport Marriott Hotel in Orlando. Now they’re one step closer to the final prize and unlimited bragging rights if they take home the gold at the New Orleans International Midwint...
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Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Mark today as our first mangling of Cajun usage in describing the Midwinter Convention in New Orleans, January 6-11, 2015. There will be virtually no requirement to say it well, and if you’re doing it right, no one will hear to notice anyway. You probably already know about the big stuff: 2015 Seniors Quartet Championship 2015 International Youth Chorus Festival Big shows featuring top perfor...
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