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2014 Las Vegas

College contest looking sharp

An important part of our outreach efforts is connecting the needs of music educators to the quality resources offered through the Barbershop Harmony Society. We publish great barbershop arrangemtns, true. We hold a great college contest, true. But how do these relate to the needs of a busy working choral director? We like to think that our ad in the upcoming November issue of ACDA's Choral Journa...
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What makes people happy about conventions?

Conventions cover a lot of territory: contests, late night parties, Harmony U classes,  chorditoriums, and tourism. The convention team works hard to create a great experiences. Some are hard to manage logistically; some are simple, yet move us deeply. Here's a note recently received at HQ by a satisfied guest: Marty, I wanted to let you (and others, if you forward this to them) that I enjoyed the...
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Championship performances free on YouTube!

See The Musical Island Boys, The Academy, and The Vocal Majority at bit.ly/bhs2014champs Bookmark this playlist on your smartphone -- it's the easiest way to show off your pride in the musicianship, vocal artistry, and pure barbershop joy of our new champs.  bit.ly/bhs2014champsAll performances are copyrighted arrangements of public domain songs, with permission granted by arrangers David Wright ...
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Hall of Fame honorees The Boston Common say thank you

No greater honor can come to any man but to be recognized by his colleagues. As the remarkable quartets so honored by the Hall of Fame in the past can attest, our greatest satisfaction stems from those individuals who approach us to confide how they were inspired to sing barbershop harmony and join this wonderful Society. How apropos that the theme of this year’s International convention was “...
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Life as a summer intern at the Barbershop Harmony Society – Kyle Snook

This internship has been a very positive experience thus far. Whenever I describe what I do to my non-barbershop friends back home, I always think to myself, "this sounds very boring", but in reality, I've never felt any degree of dread when going to BHS. All of the tasks they have me doing seem very interesting because it's for the common goal of giving people a good barbershop experience. I've e...
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Life as a summer intern at the Barbershop Harmony Society – Patrick McAlexander

I came to the BHS working with Adam Scott on Music Publications. I was essentially putting my background in barbershop music/arranging into use by evaluating everything in our music library for difficulty, so that groups can more easily find music suitable to their skill level. It's exciting because I have the opportunity to look at a lot of really awesome pieces of music, though it does become ra...
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Life as a summer intern at the Barbershop Harmony Society – Marita May

When describing my intern experience to my friends and family back in Iowa, I generally begin by saying, “First of all, Barbershop is a whole new world!” (cue Aladdin song) Coming from an a-cappella background similar to the movie Pitch Perfect, the idea of barbershop was familiar to me, but I didn’t fully understand the culture, or the thrill, until our Vegas convention this year. I started inter...
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