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CALLING ALL TAG TEACHERS: Teach the world to sing… tags!

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We need your help! If you are attending our international convention this July in Nashville and love to teach tags,  sign up to teach group tags in our new TAG ZONES.

We guess about 50% of our members do not sing tags, or have had a bad experience so they believe it’s not for them! It may be difficult for you to remember, but it’s wildly intimidating for new tag singers to start and try that first tag… especially in a sea of thousands of people who seem like experts  Think about any international lobby on Saturday night. It can be tough to break in. Help nudge them into trying and joining in the fun. 


The concept? Put great tag teachers where other tag singers will already be singing. We will have big signs around to invite new people to join in and find you! You may have 3 people at first, but it will likely grow to 10 or 20….or 70.

Hundreds of people will walk past you in these locations, and they will see signs and figure out that new people are welcome to try. You will be listed with our other HU faculty in the convention program and online, but mostly you will be helping our attendees who wish they had the courage to try a tag but were never invited. Until now.


1)     The Renaissance hotel lobby, 2nd floor, at the top of the escalator

2)     Music City Center, near Harmony Marketplace


If you would be hip to teach for a 90 minute block(s) on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, fill out this simple collection form You don’t have to know 500 tags.  You don’t have to have multiple degrees in music or a gold medal.  If you can teach 10 or 20 tags and like to help people, you are IN! You can teach the same tags on different days.

If we have too many people at a certain time, we may ask if you can teach at another time.  We will build a matrix of days and times, send email drafts to you.  It will be a blast, and you will help us get it off the ground for year one! 

Start by filling this survey out! Thanks for helping out our people who have not experienced the joy of tag singing… yet!