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Building a Culture of Fraternity

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Mike O’Neill, Society Music Specialist for Chorus Director Development, recently sent an email to the Director’s Listserve asking the following:

Does your chapter, or are you aware of a chapter, that is really
great with the fraternal side of barbershop? I am talking about the
kind of chapter that goes above and beyond the “norm” to get to know the
guys on the risers more intimately, and beyond their barbershop resume.

If your chapter does a great job, tell us how. If you know of a chapter
that does a great job with that, tell us who!

Personally, our chapter (the Music City Chorus), takes five or so
minutes each week for a segment we call “Get To Know Your Chorus.”
This is a time where a member of the chorus (not a guest or a visitor)
gets time to stand in front of the whole chapter and talk about himself.
Information shared includes family history, career, barbershop life, and
at least one thing no one in the chapter knows about this man. We have
had some awesome discoveries since this program has been in place and as
a result of this and many other great things about the culture of the
chorus, the spirit of the Nashville chapter is second to none, IMHO!!!

I look forward to seeing a lot of discussion on the topic and hearing
about your stories.

Mike O’Neill

Music Specialist

This question definitely makes for a great discussion from many voices out there.  Please let us know how you’re doing.