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BHS Online Education Frequently Asked Questions

BHS Online Education

Frequently Asked Questions


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Online Classes

How does the Online Classroom work?

Online classes are being offered through the Google Classroom platform. Once you have registered for a class you will be sent an invitation to log into the Google Classroom for that course.

In the Google Classroom you will have access to class materials, be able to chat with the faculty member(s) and classmates, and access the video conference links to Zoom.

In addition to the daily access and participation in Google Classroom, there will be a weekly video conference. Zoom is the video conference platform for the online meetings of each class. In this video conference you will be able to engage and ask questions of the faculty and interact with the other students live. The dates and times for the video conferences are listed on the Eventbrite for each class as well as in the Google Classroom of each class.

What if I have to miss one of the video conference session times?

Every video conference is recorded and made available in the Google Classroom on the following business day. You will be able to watch the discussion and stay caught up on the lessons.

Will there be homework?

That is up to the discretion of each faculty member. Some courses will be discussion-based, while others, the arranging courses for example, will involve submitting written materials on a regular basis.

What If I sign up for a class and after the first session feel that it is not a good fit?

If you find that a course you have enrolled in is not a good fit for whatever reason please contact the Education Department at education@barbershop.org. We will allow for you to transfer to another course of equal or lesser value.

There are three levels of Arranging being offered. Which one should I pick?

The following guide should aid you in selecting the best course:

  • Beginning Arranging: I can read music, but have no or little barbershop arranging experience.
  • Intermediate Arranging: I have dabbled in arranging, but I need to fill in a few knowledge gaps particularly with the barbershop style.
  • Advanced Arranging: I have arranged a few barbershop songs already, but am ready to take my arrangements to the next level.

Still don’t identify with any of these courses? Try Fundamentals of Music.

How long will the Google Classroom be active after the course has finished?

You will have access to the Google Classroom and its materials indefinitely. We do not have any current plans to close any classroom down, but will give forward notice to any group if we find that we will need to archive a classroom. Each faculty member will communicate with you how long they will be available for additional contact upon course completion.


What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a live video stream of a clinician with whom the audience can watch and interact with remotely via a secure web page. Each webinar will be a about a specific topic in which the clinician is an expert.

Will I be able to interact and ask the clinician questions?

During the webinar there will be a Q&A function enabled so you can ask questions of the clinician in real time.

Will I only be able to view the webinar live?

The webinar will be archived and be available to watch again following the live airing date. If you purchased a ticket for the live event, a secure link will be sent to you to watch the replay video on-demand following event completion.

What if I am not able to participate/watch the webinar when it airs?

You are able to purchase access to the the delayed recording of the webinar starting the day after the webinar has aired live. Though you will not be able to interact with the clinicians, you will be able to watch the recording in an on-demand format. The videos will be available for unlimited views from the day following the live event.