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Audience Behavior at Contest: Cheer and Holler or Simply Applaud?

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Yea, I know, who cares?  Right?

BUT…As a competitor, judge, and staff guy, I get around to many contests each year in several different districts and I always find it interesting how varying barbershop audiences can be with the way they welcome the competitors to the stage.  For example, there’s the audience that listens to the presenter (or MC) and starts to applaud only after each group’s full name is announced and then there’s the audience that starts applauding and/or chanting the group’s name over the MC’s introduction and when the group’s name is finally announced they go wild.

So which audience are you a part of?  What do you prefer as an audience member?  What do you prefer as a competitor?  Who cares?  :-)

I personally like the loud noise.  There is nothing better (IMO) than a ton of energy coming from the audience for a competitor to feed from.

Regardless of your preference, we’ve got a lot of contests coming up this spring and all of the participants that cross the stage deserve the best welcome we can give them.  We’re all in this thing together, after all.

Good luck everyone!