Las Vegas Quartet Contest

International Quartet Contest

International Quartet Champion, Musical Island Boys

1. Musical Island Boys
2. Forefront
3. Main Street
4. A Mighty Wind
5. Lemon Squeezy
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Quartet Finals Order of Appearance

Saturday, July 5, 7pm
Mic Tester: Men In Black, 7:10 pm
1. TNS, 7:20 pm
2. Instant Classic, 7:30 pm
3. Throwback, 7:40 pm
4. The Crush, 7:50 pm
5. Musical Island Boys, 8 pm
6. Lemon Squeezy, 8:10 pm
7. Forefront, 8:20 pm
8. Main Street, 8:30 pm
9. Lunch Break, 8:40 pm
10. A Mighty Wind, 8:50 pm

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Semifinals Order of Appearance and stage times

Thursday, July 3, 11am - 3pm
Mic tester: Madison Park, 11:12 am
1. The Newfangled Four, 11:22 am
2. McPhly, 11:31 am
3. TNS, 11:40 am
4. Artistic License, 11:49 am
5. The Crush, 11:58 am
6. Instant Classic, 12:07 pm
7. 95 North, 12:16 pm
8. A Mighty Wind, 12:25 pm
9. Hot Air Buffoons, 12:34 pm
10. Common Core, 12:43 pm
11. Main Street, 1:14 pm
12. Throwback, 1:23 pm
13. Men In Black, 1:32 pm
14. Lemon Squeezy, 1:41 pm
15. 'Round Midnight, 1:50 pm
16. Lunch Break, 1:59 pm
17. Musical Island Boys, 2:08 pm
18. Premium Blend, 2:17 pm
19. Forefront, 2:26 pm
20. Trocadero, 2:35 pm

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Quarterfinals Session #1 - 10am-3pm (Pacific Time Zone)

NOTE: All stage times marked below are estimated. Due to many factors internal and external, times may shift in either direction, although efforts are made to avoid this. For precise times, we suggest you either stay tuned to the webcast, or give yourself an adequate amount of time before and after each estimated stage time so you don't miss any desired performance.

Download the master grid (Excel format)

1. Reckless (BABS)

Andy Foster, Duncan Whinyates, Dale Kynaston, Andy Funnell

Telford, UK; West Midlands, UK
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 10:30am

2. Mayhem (MAD)

Matthew Fellows, Pookie Dingle, Jr., Mike Pinto, Ken White

Alexandria, VA; Dundalk, MD; Frank Thorne; Hell's Kitchen, NY; Ocean County, NJ;
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 10:39am

3. Musical Island Boys (NZABS)

Jeff Hunkin, Marcellus Washburn, Will Hunkin, Matt Gifford

Vocal FX
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 10:48am

4. The Newfangled Four (FWD)

Joey Buss, Jackson Niebrugge, Ryan Wisniewski, Jake Tickner

Las Vegas, NV; Santa Fe Springs, CA; Westminster, CA
Stage Time: 10:57am

5. Bonus Track (SWD)

Anthony Fortino, Greg Owens, Anthony Bartholomew, Kevin Wagner

Dallas Metro, TX; Fort Worth, TX; Kansas City, MO; Town North Plano, TX
Stage Time: 11:06am

6. Premium Blend (CSD)

Austin Veteto, Mark Fortino, Jeff Veteto, Adam Veteto

Kansas City, MO; Springfield, MO
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 11:15am

7. 3 Men & A Melody (CSD)

Rob Mathieu, Eric Derks, Brad Stephens, Brian Bellof

Kansas City, MO; Metro Kansas City, MO; St. Charles, MO
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 11:24am

8. Stockholm Syndrome (SNOBS)

Simon Rylander, Fayira Touray, Rasmus Krigström, Didier Linder

Stage Time: 11:33am

9. Momma's Boys (EVG)

Steven Kelly, Ian Kelly, Sean Kelly, Michael Kelly

Bellevue, WA; Frank Thorne
Stage Time: 11:42am

10. Forefront (CAR)

Drew Wheaton, Kevin Hughes, Aaron Hughes, Brian O'Dell

Elizabethtown, KY; Frank Thorne; Greater Central Ohio; Louisville, KY; Terre Haute, IN
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 11:51am

11. Main Street (SUN)

Roger Ross, Tony DeRosa, Mike McGee, Myron Whittlesey

Frank Thorne; Jacksonville Big O, FL; Orlando, FL; Tampa, FL
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 12pm

12. Throwback (SUN)

Paul Betancourt, Sean Devine, Alex Rubin, Michael Skutt

Alexandria, VA; Frank Thorne; Hamilton Square, NJ; Miami, FL; Santa Fe Springs, CA; Sunrise, FL; Westminster, CA
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 12:09pm

13. Downtown Crossing (NED)

Seth Orenstein, Joey Constantine, Dan Costello, Ben Orenstein

Concord, MA; Lowell, MA; Scituate, MA
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 12:18pm


14. Artistic License (FWD)

Todd Kidder, Rich Brunner, Gabe Caretto, Jason Dyer

Bay Area, CA; California Delta, CA; Davis-Vacaville, CA; Eugene, OR; Sacramento, CA
Stage Time: 12:47pm

15. Majestyx (PIO)

Peter Westers, Jamie Carey, Steve Wheeler, James Masalskis

Grand Rapids, MI; Mt. Pleasant, MI
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 12:56pm

16. The Crush (FWD)

Matt Gray, Josh Szolomayer, John Brockman, Paul Tabone

Frank Thorne; Santa Fe Springs, CA; Westminster, CA
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 1:05pm

17. American Pastime (FWD)

Graham Pence, Tom Moore, Matt Swann, Joe D'Amore

Santa Fe Springs, CA; Westminster, CA
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 1:14pm

18. 'Round Midnight (MAD)

Larry Bomback, Wayne Grimmer, T.J. Carollo, Jeff Glemboski

Five Towns College, NY; Hell's Kitchen, NY; Manhattan, NY; Nashville, TN
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 1:23pm

19. Highland Drive (RMD)

Kenny Wiser, Dave McMullan, Adam Haggart, Weston Smith

Wasatch Front, UT; Utah Valley, UT
Stage Time: 1:32pm

20. MC4 (DIX)

Patrick McAlexander, Howard McAdory, Kyle Snook, Jesse Turner

Greater Indianapolis, IN; Independence, OH; Nashville, TN
Stage Time: 1:41pm

21. Overture (DIX)

Mark Beeler, Ethan Hogan, Mike Tipton, Bob Eubanks

Frank Thorne; Greater Knoxville, TN
Stage Time: 1:50pm

22. Absolut (SNOBS)

Bengt Thaysen, Richard Öhman, Joacim Stappe, Jamie Meyer

The EntertainMen, Chapter-At-Large
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 1:59pm

23. TNS (DIX)

Rick Spencer, Ryan Killeen, Dusty Schleier, David Carden

Nashville, TN
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 2:08pm

24. The Con Men (JAD)

David Strasser, Matthew Hopper, Russell Watterson, Brent Suver

Greater Central Ohio
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 2:17pm

25. 95 North (FWD)

Jim Halvorson, Larry Halvorson, Nick Pizzo, Mike Stewart

California Delta, CA; Las Vegas, NV; Reno, NV; Westminster, CA
Stage Time: 2:26pm

26. RedZone (DIX)

Craig Brown, Robert Strong, Shawn King, Adam Scott

Germantown, TN; Memphis, TN; Nashville, TN; St. Charles, MO
Stage Time: 2:35pm



Quarterfinals Session #2 - 4:30pm-9:30pm

27. Salty Dog (CSD)

Matt Suellentrop, Michael Troyer, Grant Hunget, Aaron Burklund

Frank Thorne; Fremont, NE; Metro Kansas City, MO; St. Charles, MO
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 4:51pm

28. Gimme Four (MAD)

Paul Franek, David Ammirata, Joe Servidio Jr., Will Downey

Hamilton Square, NJ; Hell's Kitchen, NY; Montclair, NJ
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 5pm

29. Fusion (SLD)

Richard Schlaegel, David Cloyd, David Scott, Kevin Jones

Binghamton, NY; Mark Twain, NY; Mohawk Valley, NY
Stage Time: 5:09pm

30. Q-Tones (SNOBS)

Steven Hansen, Johannes Bergman, Henrik Rosenberg, Kenneth Nilsson

HelsingVoice, Zero8
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 5:18pm

31. GQ (LOL)

Keith Olson, Heath Walker, Brent Graham, Steve McDonald

Frank Thorne; Hilltop, MN
Stage Time: 5:27pm

32. Lemon Squeezy (SNOBS)

Alexander Löfstedt, Victor Nilsson, Mattias Larsson, Martin Jangö

Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 5:36pm

33. Zero Hour (NSC)

Ben Mills, Larry Lane, Mark Rodda, Scot Gregg

Charlotte, NC; Greater Gaston, NC; Sunrise, FL
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 5:45pm

34. A Mighty Wind (DIX)

Tim Reynolds, Tim Brooks, Clay Hine, Drew McMillan

Atlanta Metro, GA; Greater Atlanta, GA
Stage Time: 5:54pm

35. The Committee (ILL)

Kevin McClelland, Matt Carlen, Mark Scheffler, Brett Mulford

Bloomington, IL
Stage Time: 6:03pm

36. TLA (BHA)

Ash Schofield, Adrian Gimpel, Richard Reeve, Trevor Anderson

Men in Harmony, Vocal Evolution
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 6:12pm

37. Grand Design (LOL)

Leonard Hulls, Don Hettinga, Derek Glenna, Matt Hall

Albert Lea, MN; Hilltop, MN; Mankato, MN; St. Croix Valley, MN
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 6:21pm

38. Up All Night (MAD)

John Ward, Cecil Brown, Joe Hunter, Dan Rowland

Manhattan, NY
Stage Time: 6:30pm

39. Hot Air Buffoons (JAD)

Will Baughman, Mark Lang, Harry Haflett, Randy Baughman

Independence, OH; Maumee Valley, OH; Northwest Ohio
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 6:39pm

40. Jam Session (JAD)

Adam Reimnitz, Jeremy Conover, Chad Wulf, Paul Agnew

Buckeye Columbus, OH; Denver Mile High, CO; Elizabethtown, KY; Frank Thorne
Stage Time: 6:48pm


41. The Society (SUN)

Thor Young, Andrew Borts, Kevin Mendez, Amos Velez

Miami, FL; Salem, OR; Sunrise, FL
Stage Time: 7:22pm

42. Vocal Edition (FWD)

Eric Bjornsen, Tim McMullan, Danny Ryan, Dan Davenport

Greater Phoenix, AZ; Westminster, CA
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 7:31pm

43. Trocadero (SNOBS)

David Holst, Jakob Berggren, Samuel Andrén, Filip Sibien

Stage Time: 7:40pm

44. Madison Park (EVG)

Wes Yoder, Don Rose, Jeremiah Pope, Brian Hamm

Bellevue, WA; Frank Thorne; Salem, OR; Vancouver, BC; Western Washington
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 7:49pm

45. Sold Out (EVG)

Brian Sell, Eric Christensen, Ian Christensen, Ben McGowan

Frank Thorne; Salem, OR
Stage Time: 7:58pm

46. Men In Black (NED)

Tony Nasto, Oliver Merrill, Ray Johnson, Karl Hudson

Central, CT; Frank Thorne; Manchester, CT; St. Joseph, MO
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 8:07pm

47. Instant Classic (CAR)

David Zimmerman, Theo Hicks, Kohl Kitzmiller, Kyle Kitzmiller

Greater Indianapolis, IN; South Bend-Mishawaka, IN
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 8:16pm

48. Common Core (JAD)

Mike Nesler, Josh Van Gorder, Mike Hull, Steve Denino

Buckeye Columbus, OH; Frank Thorne; Greater Central Ohio
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 8:25pm

49. Supertonic (ONT)

Patrick Brown, Jordan Travis, Chris Scappatura, Chris Arnold

Hamilton, ON; Toronto, ON
Stage Time: 8:34pm

50. Lunch Break (DIX)

Shane Scott, Eddie Holt, K.J. McAleesejergins, Mike O'Neill

Denver Mile High, CO; Nashville, TN
Website | Facebook
Stage Time: 8:43pm

51. Test Drive (ONT)

Kern Lewin, Kevin Harris, Lee Sperry, Joel Hilchey

Toronto, ON
Stage Time: 8:52pm

52. McPhly (FWD)

Brian Fox, Curtis Terry, Ryan Wilson, Travis Tabares

Colorado Front Range, CO; Denver Mile High, CO; Frank Thorne; St. George, UT; Westminster, CA
Stage Time: 9:01pm

53. Last Men Standing (MAD)

TJ Barranger, Drew Feyrer, Ed Bell, Mike Kelly

Alexandria, VA; Allentown Bethlehem, PA; Anne Arundel, MD; Bucks County, PA
Stage Time: 9:10pm

Quartet Preliminary Rankings

These quartets have scored at least a 76% at a preliminary quartet contest, or are the highest scoring quartet from their district (These results are unofficial)
  1. Musical Island Boys (NZABS) - 90.0%
  2. A Mighty Wind (DIX) - 87.3%
  3. Main Street (SUN) - 86.9%
  4. Lemon Squeezy (SNOBS) - 86.6%
  5. The Crush (FWD) - 86.4%
  6. Forefront (CAR) - 85.8%
  7. After Hours (ILL) - 85.2%
  8. TNS (DIX) - 85.1%
  9. Throwback (SUN) - 84.9%
  10. Instant Classic (CAR) - 84.1%
  11. Artistic License (FWD) - 84.1%
  12. Men In Black (NED) - 83.9%
  13. Da Capo (MAD) - 83.6%
  14. 'Round Midnight (MAD) - 83.5%
  15. Hot Air Buffoons (JAD) - 82.3%
  16. Newfangled Four (FWD) - 82.3%
  17. Premium Blend (CSD) - 81.6%
  18. Frank the Dog (MAD) - 81.5%
  19. McPhly (FWD) - 81.4%
  20. Lunch Break (DIX) - 80.6%
  21. 95 North (FWD) - 80.5%
  22. Bonus Track (SWD) - 80.3%
  23. BSQ (MAD) - 80.2%
  24. 3 Men & A Melody (CSD) - 80.0%
  25. Common Core (JAD) - 79.9%
  26. Gimme Four (MAD) - 79.7%
  27. Trocadero (SNOBS) - 79.2%
  28. Q-Tones (SNOBS) - 79.0%
  29. GQ (LOL) - 79.0%
  30. Sold Out (EVG) - 78.5%
  31. TLA (BHA) - 78.4%
  32. Reckless (BABS) - 78.2% (formerly known as Steel)
  33. Absolut (SNOBS) - 78.0%
  34. Stockholm Syndrome (SNOBS) - 77.5%
  35. The Society (SUN) - 77.4%
  36. Madison Park (EVG) - 77.3%
  37. Spoiler Alert (SWD) - 77.2%
  38. Blueprint (JAD) - 77.2%
  39. Up All Night (MAD) - 77.2%
  40. Momma's Boys (EVG) - 77.2%
  41. Vocal Edition (FWD) - 77.1%
  42. Mayhem (MAD) - 77.1%
  43. The Con Men (JAD) - 76.9%
  44. American Pastime (FWD) - 76.6%
  45. Test Drive (ONT) - 76.3%
  46. Downtown Crossing (NED) - 76.2%
  47. Jam Session (JAD) - 76.3%
  48. MC4 (DIX) - 76.2%
  49. Zero Hour (NSC) - 76.2%
  50. Supertonic (ONT) - 76.2%
  51. Overture (DIX) - 76.2%
  52. Grand Design (LOL) - 76.1%
  53. Last Men Standing (MAD) - 76%
  54. Majestyx (PIO) - 75.7%
  55. Highland Drive (RMD) - 74.5%
  56. Fusion (SLD) - 73.4%