Las Vegas Chorus Contest

International Chorus Contest

Friday, July 4, 10am - 9pm (Pacific Time Zone)

2014 Champion, The Vocal Majority


1. Vocal Majority
2. Masters of Harmony
3. Great Northern Union
4. Sound of the Rockies
5. Zero8

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Mic Tester: Northwest Vocal Project (EVG)

Stage Time: 10am

Western Washington
Directed by Nikki Blackmer

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Founded in the summer of 2007 by three young barbershoppers who were inspired by the success of the quartet OC Times and the Westminster Chorus, Northwest Vocal Project has become a strong part of the youth movement sweeping barbershop. They won the Harmony Foundation Youth Chorus Festival in 2009 and 2011. Northwest Vocal Project's last appearance on the International stage was at Portland in 2012, where they received 6th place.

1. Vocal Revolution (NED)

Stage Time: 10:12am

Concord, MA
Directed by Dan Costello

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Previously known as the Sounds of Concord, Vocal Revolution is known as one of New England's best male vocal ensembles and has been entertaining audiences for over 40 years. Vocal Revolution is a regular competitor and Las Vegas will be their 11th appearance on the International stage.

2. Southern Gateway Chorus (JAD)

Stage Time: 10:25am

Cincinnati, OH
Directed by Jeff Legters

Website | Facebook
Hailing from the Cincinnati area, the Southern Gateway Chorus will be representing the Johnny Appleseed District in Las Vegas. In addition to their dedication to enriching lives through a cappella harmony, the Southern Gateway Chorus sponsors youth singing activities and supports school music programs throughout the Greater Cincinnati community. At their last appearance on the International stage, Portland in 2012, Southern Gateway placed 14th.

3. Masters of Harmony (FWD)

Stage Time: 10:37am

Santa Fe Springs, CA
Directed by Justin Miller

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Seeded 2nd coming into Las Vegas, the Masters of Harmony (2011 Champions) boast the longest active streak of International championships: eight championships beginning in 1990 at the San Francisco convention. This year will be their first International competition under new director Justin Miller (who's no stranger to the International stage) and their first time ever competing against fellow multi-championship chorus The Vocal Majority.

4. Upstate Harmonizers (SLD)

Stage Time: 10:52am

Mohawk Valley, NY
Directed by Dr. Rob Hopkins

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Representing the Seneca Lands District, the Upstate Harmonizers competed in the International Chorus Contest in both 2012 and 2013. Like many of the competing choruses, the Upstate Harmonizers boast a number of active quartets, one of which, Fusion, will be representing the Seneca Lands District in this year's International Quartet Competition.

5. Central Standard (CSD)

Stage Time: 11:11am

Metro Kansas City, MO
Directed by Rob Mance

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Central Standard is of the Society's many newer choruses competing this year in Las Vegas. Central Standard hails from the Kansas City area and since forming in 2007, they have appeared three times on the International stage (2010, 2011, and 2012). In 2012 they placed 9th in the chorus competition, and this year they are seeded at the same place heading into the contest. Since their creation less than ten years ago, Central Standard has been guided by their motto: "Excellence is Our Standard."

6. Senate-Aires (EVG)

Stage Time: 11:23am

Salem, OR
Directed by Steve Morin

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The Senate-Airs, from Salem, Oregon, are the current Evergreen District Champions and will be returning to the International Stage for the seventh consecutive year. The Senate-Airs are known for their elaborate show packages. At the 2012 contest in Portland, their "Caveman Medley" earned 5th place in the contest.

7. Zero8 (SNOBS)

Stage Time: 11:43am

Stockholm, Sweden
Directed by Doug Harrington

Website | Facebook
This affiliate chorus from Stockholm, Sweden is another up and coming chorus that is less than ten years old. They were formed by Doug Harrington (baritone of Second Edition, this year's 25th anniversary quartet) and include members of the collegiate champion quartets Swedish Match, Lemon Sqeezy, and 2012 International Champions, The Ringmasters. Not only does this chorus reflect the growing barbershop youth movement, they also prove that the barbershop style is a worldwide phenomenon.

8. Harbourtown Sound (ONT)

Stage Time: 12:03pm

Hamilton, ON
Directed by Jordan Travis

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Formed in 2003, this will be Harbourtown Sound's first trip to an International Chorus Competition. Harbourtown Sound is directed by collegiate quartet champion and International quartet competitor Jordan Travis and hails from the competitive Ontario District (which regularly fields at least two choruses each year).

9. Saltaires (RMD)

Stage Time: 12:45pm

Wasatch Front, UT
Directed by John Sasine

Hailing from the Great Salt Lake region, the Saltaires are a regular competitor at the International Chorus Contest. After taking a year off from competition, they will be returning to the International stage in Las Vegas. The Saltaires boast an impressive track record in contest, once ranking in the top ten for five years in a row. They are one of two choruses from the Rocky Mountain District competing this year.

10. Sound of Illinois (ILL)

Stage Time: 12:57pm

Bloomington, IL
Directed by Terry Ludwig

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Reigning Illinois District Champion, the Sound of Illinois will be returning to the International Stage for the seventh year in a row. This group of over 100 men has a rich history dating back to the early days of the Society when they formed the Bloomington, IL chapter in 1942. In addition, one of their quartets, After Hours, will be competing in the quartet contest.

11. Voices in Harmony (FWD)

Stage Time: 1:11pm

Bay Area, CA
Directed by Chris Hebert

Website | Facebook
This group from the Bay Area in California is one of four reasons why the Far Western District is one of the most competitive in the Society. This chorus, along with many others competing in Las Vegas, is less than 10 years old and has rapidly come onto the scene as a one of the strongest competing choruses out there. Since forming in 2006, they have won multiple Far Western District championships and have also placed in the top ten six times.

12. New Tradition (ILL)

Stage Time: 1:23pm

Northbrook, IL
Directed by Jay Giallombardo

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2001 International Chorus Champion, The New Tradition Chorus, has a remarkable history of excellence on the International stage. In addition to their 2001 championship, this group of men also placed in the top five 18 times since 1988. They are led by International Quartet Champion Jay Giallombardo, who won the quartet competition in 1979 with the quartet Grandma's Boys.

13. THX (SUN)

Stage Time: 1:39pm

Sunrise, FL
Directed by Alex Rubin

This group from southeastern Florida returns to the International Chorus Contest for the third year in a row. Last year they placed in the top ten for the first time, tying for eighth place. Like many groups singing this year, this chorus is yet another new group quickly rising onto the competitive chorus scene. Their director, Alex Rubin, also competes with the top ten quartet, Throwback.

14. Houston Tidelanders (SWD)

Stage Time: 1:58pm

Houston, TX
Directed by Greg Caetano

Website | Facebook
The Houston Tidelanders not only have one of the longest histories of the chapters competing in Las Vegas (chartered in 1946), they also have track record of excellence, consistently finishing in the top twenty at the International Chorus Contest. Their last appearance on the International stage was at the 2012 convention in Portland.

15. Entertainmen (SNOBS)

Stage Time: 2:10pm

Stockholm, Sweden
Directed by Johann Wikström and Björn Lindström

The EntertainMen are one of two choruses competing from Stockholm, Sweden, and are yet another reminder of barbershop's truly global appeal. This group of approximately 80 singers were formed in 1979, and since 1982, have won the Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers (SNOBS) Chorus Championship twelve times.

16. Voices of Gotham (MAD)

Stage Time: 2:25pm

Hell's Kitchen, NY
Directed by Larry Bomback and Eric Engelhardt

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Voices of Gotham is yet another up and coming group in the International Chorus Contest. Since it's founding in 2008, Voices of Gotham has quickly distinguished itself among the many other choruses competing in Las Vegas. Last year they erupted onto the scene, breaking in the top ten for the first time. Their founding director, Larry Bomback, also competes at the International level with the quartet, 'Round Midnight.


Session 2: 4pm - 9pm

17. Voices of California (FWD)

Stage Time: 4pm

California Delta, CA
Directed by Gabe Caretto

Website | Facebook
Voices of California is the third of four choruses competing from the Far Western District. Last year, this Sacramento-area chorus placed 19th in the chorus contest and will be appearing on the International stage for second year in a row. Their director, Gabe Caruto, and three other members sing in the quartet Artistic License, and will be competing in the quartet competition this year as well.

18. Palmetto Vocal Project (NSC)

Stage Time: 4:14pm

Mt. Pleasant, SC
Bob Rund and Derek Street

Website | Facebook
Last year, Palmetto Vocal Project had the honor of being the first chorus from South Carolina in the history of the Barbershop Harmony Society to compete at the International Chorus Contest. Once again, this group from the Charleston has earned the right to represent the Carolinas district in Las Vegas.

19. Men of Independence (JAD)

Stage Time: 4:33pm

Independence, OH
Directed by Gary Lewis

Website | Facebook
The Men of Independence are a barbershop chorus whose roots are firmly planted in the tradition of quartet singing. This current Johnny Appleseed District chorus champion includes International level comedy quartet Hot Air Buffoons and is led by two-time quartet champion Gary Lewis. Last year in Toronto, they placed 14th.

20. Vocal Majority (SWD)

Stage Time: 4:48pm

Dallas Metro, TX
Directed by Greg Clancy

Website | Facebook
The Vocal Majority may be the most well known barbershop chorus ever, and the Las Vegas convention marks their anticipated return to the International Chorus Contest. Since their formation in 1971, The Vocal Majority have won eleven championships. This includes an unmatched streak of ten championships from 1979 to 2006. Now, after several years away from competition, The Vocal Majority will be returning to the stage to compete against a field of many new up and coming choruses, and eight-time chorus champion: the Masters of Harmony.

21. Pathfinder Chorus (CSD)

Stage Time: 5:04pm

Fremont, NE
Directed by P.D. Stibor

Website | Facebook
This chorus from Nebraska and the Central States District has been climbing the ranks of competitive choruses. In 2010, at the competition in Philadelphia, the Pathfinder Chorus placed 20th. Last year in Toronto they placed 10th place. Coming into the competition this year they are seeded in 13th place. Will the trend continue in Las Vegas?

22. Vocal FX (NZABS)

Stage Time: 5:18pm

Wellington, New Zealand
Directed by Charlotte Murray

Vocal FX is another chorus that embodies the growing appeal of barbershop overseas and among young men. This group from Wellington, New Zealand is a four-time NZABS chorus champions and have competed on the International stage three times since their formation. At their last International competition in 2011 at Kansas City, they earned 7th place.

23. MountainTown Singers (PIO)

Stage Time: 5:30pm

Mt. Pleasant, MI
Directed by Evan Boegehold and Jeff Rayburn

Website | Facebook
The MountainTown Singers are another relatively new chorus competing this year in Las Vegas. The MountainTown Singers, who come from central Michigan, formed in 2004. After coming together they experienced almost immediate success, winning the Pioneer District chorus championship in 2006, and then representing the District five times on the International stage.

24. Sound of the Rockies (RMD)

Stage Time: 5:43pm

Denver Mile High, CO
Directed by Darin Drown

Website | Facebook
The Sound of the Rockies, from the Denver, CO area, are another big name in the barbershop chorus competition. The Sound of the Rockies are a perennial top five competitor and are known not only for their excellent sound, but also for their entertaining and hilarious performances. The Las Vegas convention will also be the last time Sound of the Rockies competes under the leadership of music director Darin Drown, who has directed them for over twelve years.

25. Spirit of Phoenix (FWD)

Stage Time: 6:36pm

Greater Phoenix, AZ
Directed by Gary Steinkamp

Website | Facebook
The Spirit of Phoenix Chorus is the fourth of four choruses competing from the Far Western District. This chorus, like many others competing in Vegas, has a rich history of experience on the International stage. They've won the chorus competition three times, and placed eleven more times since the 1960s, making them one of the most decorated choruses in the history of the Society.

26. Cottontown Chorus (BABS)

Stage Time: 6:53pm

Bolton, UK
Directed by Neil Firth

Website | Facebook
Hailing all the way from Bolton in the United Kingdom, the Cottontown Chorus boasts over 30 years of history and has established itself as a leading barbershop group in the British Association of Barbershop Singers. They have appeared twice on the International stage (2006 and 2010), and received numerous awards and distinctions at barbershop competitions in Britain and Europe. The Cottontown Chorus is further evidence of barbershop's worldwide reach.

27. The Alliance (JAD)

Stage Time: 7:06pm

Greater Central Ohio
Directed by David Calland

Website | Facebook
The Alliance is the current Johnny Appleseed District champion and a regular top ten competitor at the International Chorus Contest. In the last 10 years, The Alliance has placed in the top ten every time they've competed. In addition to their success as a chorus, this chapter also has four quartets competing this year in the International Quartet Contest: Forefront, Hot Air Buffoons, The Con Men, and Common Core.

28. Kentucky Vocal Union (CAR)

Stage Time: 7:26pm

Elizabethtown, KY
Directed by Aaron Dale

Website | Facebook
Kentucky Vocal Union is another chorus with less than ten years of history that has placed a dynamic mark upon the International Chorus Contest. Led by acclaimed arranger Aaron Dale, Kentucky Vocal Union is known for exceptional singing, innovative arrangements, and exciting performances. Since their formation in 2006 they have represented the Cardinal District on the International stage in Nashville, Anaheim, Kansas City, and in Portland, where they finished 3rd place.

29. Atlanta Vocal Project (DIX)

Stage Time: 7:42pm

Atlanta Metro, GA
Directed by Clay Hine

Website | Facebook
Another regular name in the International Chorus Contest is Atlanta Vocal Project. This group has appeared on the International stage seven times in the last ten years, and like many choruses crossing the stage in Las Vegas, has only recently formed. Atlanta Vocal Project is led by International Quartet Champion Clay Hine.

30. Great Northern Union (LOL)

Stage Time: 7:55pm

Hilltop, MN
Directed by Peter Benson

Website | Facebook
Formed in 1985 by a group of Twin Cities barbershoppers, Great Northern Union top choruses in the Society. Great Northern Union has crossed the International stage 21 times and placed in the top ten each time including eight finishes as a top five medalist. In 2011 and 2012 Great Northern Union finished in second place. After taking a year off from the International Chorus Contest, Great Northern Union is another reason why everyone is talking about the Las Vegas convention.

31. Music City Chorus (DIX)

Stage Time: 8:20pm

Nashville, TN
Directed by Dusty Schleier

Website | Facebook
From Nashville, Tennessee, the Music City Chorus is the Barbershop Harmony Society's hometown chapter. The Music City Chorus is the current Dixie District champion and is a regular feature at the International Chorus Contest. Their last appearance on the International Stage was in the 2012 Portland convention, where they received 7th place.

Thanks to member Jude Thomas for his help with the chorus writeups.