Youth Quartet Contest

July 4, 2017 – Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

 YBQC Results

1. Flightline – 80.5%

2. Ohana Means Family – 79.4% 

3. Blindside – 78.7%

4. Eclectones – 77.9%

5. Brothers in Arms – 77.5%

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2017 Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest

Quartets will be marked Varsity Experienced (V.E.), Varsity Novice (V.N.), Junior Experienced (J.E.), or Junior Novice (J.N.):

Experienced: 2+ members have participated in a previous BHS youth quartet contest.

Novice: 0-1 members have participated in a previous BHS youth quartet contest.

Varsity: Members are 19-25 years old

Junior: Members are 18 years and younger


Order of Appearance

Mic Testers 1 (one song): Quin-tones (5:07 p.m.)

Jacob Lapp, Julian LeFlore, Tommy Hunter, Chris Crawford

Quinton Township School, New Jersey


Mic Testers 2 (one song): Elementary Mix (5:12 p.m.)

James Stinson, Dominic Gear, Ty Coblentz, Logan Alliso

Quinton Township School, New Jersey


1. Millennial Falcons (V.E.) (5:17 p.m.)

Zac Coleman, Kevin Clark, Will Baughman, David Breen

Bowling Green State University


2. Polaris (J.E.) (5:25 p.m.)

Alex McCord, Ryan McCord, Patrick Parker, Max Madlambayan

Coppell High School; New Tech High School, Coppell


3. The Reunion (V.E.) (5:33 p.m.)

Nick Ruiz, Francesco Logozzo, Rodrigo Alvarez, Travis Roy

Boston University; Brandeis University; Texas Christian University


4. Bass-ically (J.E.) (5:41 p.m.)

Ram Vakkalanka, Jaden DeFields, Ethan Cotter, Justin Galloway

Bloomington High School


5. Blindside (V.E.) (5:49 p.m.)

Trent Lewis, Gareth Clarke, Michael Webber, Timothy Green


6. Singularity (V.N.) (5:57 p.m.)

Stuart Gagnon, Matthew Hart, Stephen Gagnon, Nathan Hart

Borah High School; Brigham Young University; Brigham Young University, Idaho; Utah State University


7. Frontier (V.E.) (6:10 p.m.)

Chris Cordle, Aaron Pollard, Brandon Smith, Cody Harrell

Eastern Michigan University; Michigan State University; Schoolcraft College


8. Gateway (V.E.) (6:18 p.m.)

Brandon Rauch, Noah Salama, Josh Gongaware, Dan Krackhardt

Ithaca College; University of Pittsburgh, School of Public Health


9. Eclectones (V.E.) (6:26 p.m.)

Garett Stilwell, R.j. Esquivias, Mario Yniguez, Brady Larson

Arizona State University; Mesa Community College


10. Ohana Means Family (V.E.) 6:34 p.m.)

Patrick McAlexander, Ryan Modrall, Kevin Mendez, Robert Black

Florida International University; Miami Dade College


11. Western Harmonics (V.N.) (6:42 p.m.)

Dallas Halvorson, Kevin Palmer, Chris McCuddy, Rhett Roberts

California State University, Chico; California State University, Sacramento; Rocklin High School


12. On Point (V.E.) (6:50 p.m.)

Gavin Andrews, Daniel Pesante, Timothy Keatley, Alexander Burney

Florida State College at Jacksonville


13. Rebels of Rhythm (J.E.) (7:18 p.m.)

Tyler Hare, Nick Dobson, Sidney Cubbon, Truman Littler

Oil City High School


14. California Kid (V.E.) (7:26 p.m.)

Dalton Hughes, Stephen Goldman, Kyle Snook, Caleb Hayes

Belmont University


15. The Aggienizors (V.N.) (7:34 p.m.)

Kevin Krawczynski, Aaron Daniel, Alan Putnam, Corey Bowers

Texas A&M University


16. Minor Details (V.E.) (7:42 p.m.)

Jeffrey Arians, Tyler VanDyke, Jonathan Fortino, Kevin Currier


17. Flightline (V.E.) (7:50 p.m.)

Oscar Sotelo, Daniel Huitt, Marcus Kang, Kyle Williamson


18. Brothers In Arms (V.E.) (7:58 p.m.)

Kevin Juliana, James Isley, Michael Duca, Jordan DuBois

Harrisburg Area Community College; Messiah College; Stockton University


19. Greenlight (V.N.) (8:06 p.m.)

Louis Jack Ades, Sebastian Massa, William Rogers, Christopher Cutler

Fordham University; Tufts University; UMass Amherst; University of Hartford


20. The Tune Squad (V.E.) (8:14 p.m.)

Jonathan Lang, Tyler Dohar, Eric Schmidt, Dean Moore, II

Bowling Green State University; University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Youngstown State University


21. Tradition (V.N.) (8:22 p.m.)

Lance Fisher, III, Cory Brictson, Douglas Beach, Tyler Horton

Messiah College; Salisbury University; Temple University; Towson University


22. Spontaneous Chordbustin’ (J.N.) (8:38 p.m.)

Garrett Reese, Taylor Gierhan, Derek Richard, Luke Bender

Pius X HIgh School


23. Sound Hypothesis (V.N.) (8:30 p.m.)

Ehsaan Shivarani, Conrad Godfrey, Arun O’Sullivan, Alex Moore

Imperial College London



2017 Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest qualification results

These 22 North American-based quartets (highlighted in green), have been invited to compete at the 2017 Youth Barbershop Quartet Contest held at the International Competition this July by being the highest scoring quartets representing the following 4 categories:

0-1 members have participated in a previous BHS youth quartet contest 2+ members have participated in a previous BHS youth quartet contest
Junior (18 years and younger) novice: two invitations Junior (18 years and younger) experienced: seven invitations
Varsity (19-25 years old) novice: three invitations Varsity (19-25 years old) experienced: ten invitations

**Since only 3 Junior Experienced quartets registered, the next 4 highest scoring quartets, in any category, will receive wild card invitations to compete in Las Vegas.

Green = Invited to compete at the 2017 YBQC

* Withdrawn

Junior Novice

Spontaneous Chordbustin’ – 67.8
Wot’n Harmonization* – 67.7

Four All Intents and Purposes – 67.5
One More Thing – 63.7
Quin-Tones – 63.3
Perfect 4th – 62.8
Split Decision – 62.7
Central Harmony – 60.8
Chord of the Rings – 56.2
Elementary Mix – 51.1
The Fantastic Four-Te – 50.3

Junior Experienced

Rebels of Rhythm – 61.9
Polaris – 57
Bass-ically – 52.1

Varsity Novice

Tradition – 76.9
Greenlight – 73.1
**Singularity – 70.6
**The Aggienizors – 69.7
**Western Harmonics – 68.9

HawKappella – 66.2
Basses Loaded – 65.5
To Infinity! – 62.3
Chord on the Cobb – 61.2
The Four Hoarse Men – 60.4
FourScore – 60.1
Minutemen – 57.6
The Business – 53.8
The Harmonic Minors – 53.7

Varsity Experienced

Flightline – 79.9
Ohana Means Family – 79.7
Frontier – 77.9
Millennial Falcons – 76.3
Brothers In Arms – 76.2
On Point – 76.2
The Reunion – 76.1
Eclectones – 75.8
California Kid – 73.6
Minor Details – 71.7
**The Tune Squad – 70.4
**Gateway – 68.2

Off the Cuff – 67.5
The Space City Sound Baritones except 4 Jacob – 67.5
Barbers of the Hill – 66.9
Side Note – 66.8
Landlocked – 66.5
One Eleven – 66.2
Button Down – 65.9
Four Notes – 65.4
Say No More – 64.2


These 3 offshore quartets qualified in December and below is their category and score:

Offshore Early Qualifiers

Sound Hypothesis (Varsity Novice) – 70.7

Blindside (Varsity Experienced) – 80

The B-Flads (Varsity Experienced) (WITHDRAWN) – 74.3 



Junior – oldest member under 19 years of age

Varsity – one or more members over 18 years of age and all members under 26. Remember that age is as of July 4, 2017

Novice – no more than one (1) member of the quartet has previously competed in a CBQC or YBQC preliminary or international contest.

Experienced – two (2) or more members of the quartet have competed in a CBQC or YBQC preliminary or international contest.