Collegiate Quartet Contest

International Harmony Foundation Collegiate Quartet Contest

5pm – 9:30pm, Tuesday, June 30, 2015 (Eastern Time Zone)


Collegiate Quartet Contest

  1. Trocadero (SNOBS) – 82.8
  2. ‘Shoptimus Prime (ONT) – 82.2
  3. Yonge Guns (ONT) – 80.1
  4. Blindside (BHA) – 79.0
  5. Flightline (FWD) – 78.7

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Note: Performance stage times for each quartet are only an estimate. There are often unforeseen factors that might affect or delay the stage time for a group. If you’re wanting to watch a specific performance, we encourage giving plenty of time before and after the listed stage time to ensure you don’t miss that performance.

1. Loop 10 (DIX)

Stage Time – 5:12pm

Christopher Robin Sapp, Dinesh Gurpur, Julian Selano, Eric James

University of Georgia

2. Flightline (FWD)

Stage Time – 5:20pm

Oscar Sotelo, Daniel Huitt, Cody Littlefield, Kyle Williamson

Cal State Fullerton; Fullerton College; Santa Ana College; Santa Fe Springs & Westminster, CA

3. Midwest Standard (JAD)

Stage Time – 5:28pm

Stephen Kersey, Justin Downey, Kevin Clark, David Breen

Bowling Green State University

4. Boom! Shakalaka (ILL)

Stage Time – 5:36pm

Joshua Arizmendi, Nick Serecchia, David Sell, Philip Fernandez

College of Lake County; Columbia College Chicago; Northern Illinois University; Northwestern University; Northbrook, IL

5. Entourage (SWD)

Stage Time – 5:44pm

Eric Horn, Peter Cunningham, Steven Keener, Robby Black

Cornell University; University of Texas at San Antonio; University of North Texas; Texas A&M University; Central Texas

Corridor, Houston, San Antonio, & San Marcos, TX

6. The Pine (RMD)

Stage Time – 5:52pm

Keith Waldheim, John Treash, Johnny Bugarin, George Mammarella

University of Colorado Denver; University of Northern Colorado; Denver Mile High & Loveland, CO

7. Brothers In Arms (MAD)

Stage Time – 6pm

Kevin Juliana, James Isley, Michael Duca, Jordan Dubois

Harrisburg Area Community College; James Caldwell High School; Messiah College; Caldwell & Montclair, NJ; Hershey, PA

8. The Reunion (NED)

Stage Time – 6:08pm

Nick Ruiz, Francesco Logozzo, Rodrigo Alvarez, Travis Roy

Boston University; Brandeis University; Texas Christian University; Concord, MA

9. Livewire (CSD)

Stage Time – 6:16pm

Jayde Mitchell, Nathan Johnston, Chaz McPeek, Rhett Roberts

St. Charles, MO

10. Riverside Ringers (NSC)

Stage Time – 6:24pm

David Hopkins, Drew Whitlow, Adam Afifi, Colin Harrison

Furman University; Georgia Southern University; Savannah College of Art and Design

11. The Mission (BHNZ)

Stage Time – 6:32pm

Henaere Mihaere, Lane Ashby-King, Chad Va, Solomon Esera

Auckland & Wellington, New Zealand

12. Kordal Kombat (LOL) 

Stage Time – 6:40pm

Mark Halverstadt, Scott Veenhuis, Adam Helgeson, Ben Israelson

Bemidji State University; Hilltop & Willmar, MN


Song Premiere, I Can Dream, Can’t I?

The Academy

13. Makeshift (SWD) 

Stage Time – 7:08pm

Aaron Turner, R.J. Esquivias, Daniel Laguros, Marcus Kang

Texas A&M University; University of North Texas; Greater Phoenix, AZ; Houston, TX

14. The Institute (SUN)

Stage Time – 7:16pm

Giancarlo Otalora, Eddie Mejia, Kevin Mendez, Craig Johnson

Miami Dade College; Nova Southeastern University; Sunrise, FL

15. Without A Doubt! (CAR)

Stage Time – 7:24pm

Joe Bourne, Collin Hughes, Josh Hughes, Steven Harris

Alexandria Monroe High School; Ball State University; Terre Haute South Vigo High School; Greater Indianapolis, Muncie, & Terre Haute, IN

16. Blindside (BHA)

Stage Time – 7:32pm

Trent Lewis, Gareth Clarke, Michael Webber, Tim Green

Brisbane, Australia

17. Students of the Game (MAD)

Stage Time – 7:40pm

Paul Franek, Joe Servidio, Brian Mastrull, Ethan Wolfe

Caldwell, Hamilton Square, & Montclair, NJ; Philadelphia, PA

18. Brannigan (FWD)

Stage Time – 7:48pm

Julian Kusnadi, Jon Pilla, Gabe Lotto, Chris Lewis

St. Louis University; Stanford University; Bay Area, CA; Montclair, NJ

19. 4Ward On! (SLD)

Stage Time – 7:56pm

Branden Fike, Robbie Jenkins, Mitchell Amos, Eli Lewis

Oil City High School

20. Trocadero (SNOBS) 

Stage Time – 8:04pm

David Holst, Jakob Berggren, Sam Andren, Filip Sibien


21. Yonge Guns (ONT)

Stage Time – 8:12pm

Chris Tanaka-Mann, Greg Mallett, Jonah Lazar, Reuven Grajner

Ryerson University; University of Guelph; University of Toronto; Toronto, ON

22. ‘Shoptimus Prime (ONT)

Stage Time – 8:20pm

Michael La Scala, Michael Black, Joel La Scala, Tom Mifflin

Buffalo & East Aurora, NY; Guelph, Hamilton, & Toronto, ON

23. The Grand Angus (BHA)

Stage Time – 8:28pm

Lionel Pierson, Mark Coso, Gareth Hearne, Angus Edwards

Perth, Australia

24. Frontier (PIO)

Stage Time – 8:36pm

Chris Cordle, Aaron Pollard, Brandon Smith, Cody Harrell

Central Michigan University; Eastern Michigan University; Michigan State University

Collegiate Quartet Preliminary Ranking

  1. Trocadero (SNOBS) – 80.6
  2. ‘Shoptimus Prime (ONT) – 76.3
  3. Blindside (BHA) – 75.3
  4. Yonge Guns (ONT) – 75.2
  5. Flightline (FWD) – 75.2
  6. Frontier (PIO) – 75.1
  7. Students of the Game (MAD) – 75.0
  8. Entourage (SWD) – 74.6
  9. The Institute (SUN) – 74.3
  10. Midwest Standard (JAD) – 74.3
  11. Kordal Kombat (LOL) – 73.8
  12. The Mission (BHNZ) – 73.6
  13. Riverside Ringers (NSC) – 73.4
  14. The Grand Angus (BHA) – 73.4
  15. Brothers in Arms (MAD) – 73.3
  16. Livewire (CSD) – 73.3
  17. Makeshift (SWD) – 73.0
  18. The Reunion (NED) – 72.4
  19. Loop 10 (DIX) – 71.8
  20. Without A Doubt! (CAR) – 69.8
  21. The Pine (RMD) – 67.3
  22. Boom! Shakalaka (ILL) – 54.5
  23. 4Ward On! (SLD) – 49.5