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2014 Midwinter Long Beach

Schedule of Major Events (dates/times subject to change):

Thursday, January 30th:

All day: Harmony University Sessions (TBD)

7:30pm – Thursday Night Opening Event on the Queen Mary! (A show/party featuring the medalist quartets and other entertainment on this historic ocean liner). This is a new event that is included with your full registration…. You won't want to miss it!

Friday, January 31st:

10:00am - Youth Chorus Festival

8:00pm – Friday Night Show (Featuring medalist quartets, Collegiate Quartet champion, Seniors champions and more!)

Saturday, February 1st:
9:00am – Gold Medal Hour with Masterpiece

12:00pm– Int'l Seniors Quartet Contest

8:00pm – Saturday Night Show of Champions (featuring medalist quartets & more!)

11:00pm – Afterglow

Attractions & Local Information: Click here

Queen Mary: Click here

Seniors Quartet Order of Appearance

  1. Social Insecurity
  2. Great Western Timbre Co.
  3. Second Thoughts
  4. Horizon
  5. Joint Venture
  6. Airborne
  7. Sugar House
  8. Trade Secret
  9. Benchmark
  10. The Matinee Idols
  11. Pot Luck
  12. Take Note
  13. Geezer Q
  14. Port City Sound
  15. Bucket List
  16. Roll On
  17. Youth Reclamation Project
  18. Faces 4 Radio
  19. BLacKJack
  20. Spotlight
  21. Men Aloud
  22. Velvet Frogs
  23. American Idle
  24. Crimsonaires
  26. St. Croix Crossing
  27. Soundcheck
  28. Armchair Chorderbacks
  29. Stacked Deck