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2011 International Kansas City

Congratulations to our 2011 Champions

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Harmony Foundation International Collegiate Quartet Contest Results

1st Place Gold Medalist: Prestige
2nd Place Silver Medalist: The Vigilantes
3rd Place Bronze Medalist: After Hours
4th Place Bronze Medalist: Expedition
5th Place Bronze Medalist: HHHHHHHHHHHHHH
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Quartet Quarterfinal Results and Semifinal Singing Order

Quarterfinals Scoresheets
Singing first: Da Capo
singing second: The Crush
3. Ignition!
4. Men In Black
5. Main Street
6. A Mighty Wind
7. Forefront
9. 'Round Midnight'
10. Old School
11. TNS
12. The Allies
13. Lunch Break
14. Masterpiece
15. Voce
16. After Hours
17. Musical Island Boys
18. 3 Men & A Melody
19. The Franchise
20. Skyline
MT - Voices Unlimited
Quarterfinals Scoresheets

Quartet Semifinal Results and Finals Singing Order

Semifinal Scoresheets

1. Masterpiece
2. Forefront
3. Voce
4. A Mighty Wind
5. Main Street
6. Allies
7. Old School
8. Men in Black
9. TNS
10. Musical Island Boys
MT. Lunch Break

Semifinal Scoresheets

Chorus Results

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Quartet Finals Results

Full Top 10 scores