Youth Quartet Contest

Harmony Foundation International Youth Barbershop Quartet (YBQC) Contest

Scores and Results

1. Pratt Street Power

2. Flightline

3. The Mission

4. Ohana Means Family

5. Frontier

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5pm – 9:30pm, Tuesday, July 5, 2016 (Central Time Zone)

Schermerhorn Symphony Center

On-Stage Times

Note: Performance stage times for each quartet are only an estimate. There are often unforeseen factors that might affect or delay the stage time for a group. If you’re wanting to watch a specific performance, we encourage giving plenty of time before and after the listed stage time to ensure you don’t miss that performance.

Order Of Appearance

Guest Performance – Great Northern Union (LOL) (5:04 pm)

Directed by Doug Carnes

Mic Tester – Masterpiece (FWD) (5:13 pm)

2013 International Quartet Champion

Rob Menaker, Patrick Haedtler, Alan Gordon, Brett Littlefield

Masterpiece will be performing a Song Premiere of (Everybody’s Waitin’ for) The Man with the Bag

1. Last Chance (NED) (5:23 pm) 

Antonio Lombardi, Chad Putka, John Castonguay, Cay Outerbridge


2. The B-Flads (BHNZ) (5:31 pm)

Daniel Medyckyj-Scott, Josh Ellery, Adam Sowman, Eddy Johnsen

3. The Grand Angus (BHA) (5:39 pm)

Lionel Pierson, Gareth Hearne, Jeremy Connor, Angus Edwards

4. Polaris (SWD) (5:47 pm)

Ryan McCord, Alex McCord, Patrick Parket, Max Madlambayan

Coppell Middle School North

5. Cutting Edge (CAR) (5:55 pm)

Joe Bourne, Seth Speaks, Daniel Laguros, Steven Harris

Ball State University, Greater Indianapolis, Houston, Houston Metro Area, Muncie

6. Eclectones (FWD) (6:03 pm)

R.J. Esquivias, Garett Stilwell, Mario Yniguez, Brady Larson

ASU, Greater Phoenix, MCC, Santa Fe Springs

7. B.E.A.R.D.S. (CSD) (6:11 pm)

Zach Evans, Austin Siefers, Dan Rohovit, Matthew Lehna

Cornell College, Metro Cedar Rapids/Iowa City, Nashville, Scott Community College

8. Valiant (FWD) (6:19 pm)

Justin Netka, Aaron Jaramillo, Mitchell Hollis, Riley McKinley

San Diego Christian College, University of Pheonix, Westminster

9. Game of Tones (SLD) (6:27 pm)

Nicholas Peta, Bryan Straub, Thomas Keeping, Destin Furcinito

10. Frontier (PIO) (6:35 pm)

Chris Cordle, Aaron Pollard, Brandon Smith, Cody Harrelll

Eastern Michigan, Sunrise

11. Students of the Game (MAD) (6:43 pm)

Paul Franek, Joe Servidio Jr., Brian Mastrull, Ethan Wolfe

Caldwell, Hamilton Square, Montclair, Philadelphia

12. Skyline (BHA) (6:51 pm)

Benjamin Neldner, Kieran O’Dea, Ryan O’Dea, Lachlan McGuinness

Torrens University, University of Adelaide

13. Tagline (BABS) (6:59 pm)

Ben Ferguson, James Gower-Smith, Chris Langworthy, Rob Foot

14. The Pine (RMD) (7:07 pm)

Keith Waldheim, John Treash, Johny Bugarin Jr., George Mammarella

Colorado Springs/Pikes Peak, Denver Mile High, Longmont, Loveland

15. The Mission (BHNZ) (7:15 pm)

Henare Mihaere, Lane Ashby-King, Chad Va, Solomon Esera

Victoria University of Wellington


16. Trailblazers (BABS) (7:38 pm)

Alex Sanctuary, Ali Hay-Plumb, Nick Jones, Simon Arnott

17. Brothers In Arms (MAD) (7:46 pm)

Kevin Juliana, James Isley, Michael Duca, Jordan Dubois

Caldwell, Hershey, Montclair

18. The Boulevard (CSD) (7:54 pm)

Chad Whiting, Lucas Pherigo, Kyle Batchelder, Reed Pattee

Leavenworth, Metro Kansas City

19. Flightline (FWD) (8:02 pm)

Oscar Sotelo, Daniel Huitt, Cody Littlefield, Kyle Williamson

Golden West College, Westminster

20. The Reen Brothers (JAD) (8:10 pm)

John Reen, Bernard Reen, Dominic Reen, Stephen Reen II

Western Hills, OH

21. Lockness (SNOBS) (8:18 pm)

Pontus Ljung, Gustaf Hilding, Sam Molavi, Theodor Guilletmot

22. Those Meddling Kids (ONT) (8:26 pm)

Michael Black, Greg Mallett, Jonah Lazar, Joel La Scala

East Aurora, Guelph, Hamilton, Ryerson University, Toronto, 

23. No Strings Attached (NSC) (8:34 pm)

Daniel Ramsey, Michael Friedrich, Adrian Lopez, Michael Adams

Central Carolina, Green Hope High School

24. Pratt Street Power (MAD) (8:42 pm)

Vincent Sandroni, Ed Schubel, Ben Hawker, Darren Schmidt

Caldwell, Hagerstown, Hershey, Patapsco Valley

25. Ohana Means Family (DIX) (8:50 pm)

Patrick McAlexander, Ryan Modrall, Kevin Mendez, Robby Black

Greater Indianapolis, Houston, Houston Metro Area, Miami, Nashville, Sunrise, Vanderbilt University

26. Looking Sharp (SLD) (8:58 pm)

Tyler Hare, Sidney Cubbon, Mitch Amos, Eli Lewis

Oil City High School

27. Blindside (BHA) (9:06 pm)

Trent Lewis, Gareth Clarke, Michael Webber, Tim Green

28. On Point (SUN) (9:14 pm)

Joseph Mendum, Daniel Pesante, Timothy Keatley, Alex Burney

Florida State College at Jacksonville

29. The 865 (DIX) (9:22 pm)

Caleb Brewer, Joshua Neely, Noah Muncy, Harrison Cooke

Pellissippi State, Roane State, University of Tennessee Knoxville

30. Shockapella (CSD) (9:30 pm)

Matthew Hale, Michael Mays, Kyle Doeden, Garrett Viets

South Central Kansas, Wichita State

Guest Performance: Heavy Medal Chorus (BinG!) (9:38 pm)

Directed by Norbert Hammes and supported by the Goethe Institute

SWAN SONG PERFORMANCE: Trocadero (SNOBS) (9:48 pm)

2015 Collegiate Barbershop Quartet Champion

David Holst, Jakob Berggren, Sam Andrén, Filip Sibién

Currently Qualifying Youth Quartets

Note: This list is unofficial. The final list of all quartets who qualify for Nashville will be published once all youth quartets have competed and all invitations have been sent out and accepted. Stay tuned to this page for ongoing updates. 

Click here to read the new rules for the YBQC and to register your youth quartet, see contest information, etc.

  1. Lockness (SNOBS) – 78.7
  2. Flightline (FWD) – 78.5
  3. Tagline (BABS) – 77.3*
  4. Ohana Means Family (DIX) – 77.3
  5. Blindside (BHA) – 77.1*
  6. The Mission (BHNZ) – 76.5*
  7. The Reen Brothers (JAD) – 76.0
  8. Students of the Game (MAD) – 75.8
  9. Brothers in Arms (MAD) – 75.2
  10. Frontier (PIO) – 75.0
  11. Those Meddling Kids (ONT) – 73.9
  12. The B-Flads (BHNZ) – 73.5
  13. Trailblazers (BABS) – 72.8
  14. Eclectones (FWD) – 72.3
  15. The Pine (RMD) – 72.2
  16. Cutting Edge (CAR) 70.3
  17. No Strings Attached (NSC) – 68.8
  18. Polaris (SWD) – 65.3
  19. Boom! Shakalaka (ILL) – 63.3
  20. Looking Sharp (SLD) – 61.7

* indicates that the quartet will have to choose between the regular contest and the YBQC