2016 Chorus Contest

2016 International Chorus Contest

Friday, July 8, 10am – 9pm (Central Time Zone)

Scores and Results

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  1. Ambassadors of Harmony
  2. Central Standard
  3. Masters of Harmony
  4. Toronto Northern Lights
  5. Sound of the Rockies

Session 1, 10am

Mic Tester: SmorgasChorus (CSD) (10 am)

South Central Kansas, KS

Directed by Matthew Webber

smorgaschorus.net | Find on Facebook

1. Vocal Revolution (NED) (10:13 am)

Concord, MA

Directed by Daniel Costello

VocalRevolution.orgFind on Facebook

2. Vocal Evolution (BHA) (10:25 am)

Perth, Australia

Directed by Alex Morris

VocalEvolution.orgFind on Facebook

Chorus rehearsals times/locations

Many rehearsals will be open to the public…

Come and listen to your favorite choruses prepare for the Greatest Show on Earth. Click here to see a list of rehearsals that are open to the public.

3. Upstate Harmonizers (SLD) (10:37 am)

Mohawk Valley, NY

Directed by Dr. Rob Hopkins


4. Harbourtown Sound (ONT) (10:50 am)

Hamilton, Ontario

Directed by Jordan Travis and Mike Neff

www.harbourtownsound.caFind on Facebook

5. Brothers In Harmony (MAD) (11:04 am)

Hamilton Square, NJ

Directed by Jack Pinto

BrothersInHarmony.orgFind on Facebook

6. Great Lakes Chorus (PIO) (11:21 am)

Grand Rapids, MI

Directed by Jamie Carey

GreatLakesChorus.orgFind on Facebook

7. Sound of Illinois (ILL) (11:41 am)

Bloomington, IL

Directed by Terry Ludwig

SoundOfIllinois.comFind on Facebook


Song Premiere: Pope John Paul II High School (12:16 pm)

The JP2 Choir will be performing the song, “SING

From Hendersonville, Tennessee

Directed by Mike O’Neill


8. Southern Gateway Chorus (JAD) (12:23 pm)

Western Hills (Cincinnati), OH

Directed by Jeff Legters

SouthernGateway.orgFind on Facebook

9. Alexandria Harmonizers (MAD) (12:36 pm)

Alexandria, Virginia

Directed by Joe Cerutti

Harmonizers.orgFind on Facebook

10. THX (SUN) (12:53 pm)

Sunrise, FL

Directed by Alex Rubin


11. Salem Senateaires (EVG) (1:08 pm)

Salem, OR

Directed by Steve Morin and Will Fox


12. Masters of Harmony (FWD) (1:34 pm)

Santa Fe Springs, CA

Directed by Justin Miller

MastersOfHarmony.orgFind on Facebook

13. The Thoroughbreds (CAR) (1:53 pm)

Louisville, KY

Directed by Drew Wheaton

ThoroughbredChorus.orgFind on Facebook

14. Midwest Vocal Express (LOL) (2:05 pm)

Greendale, WI

Directed by Josh Umhoefer


15. Parkside Harmony (MAD) (2:17 pm)

Hershey, PA

Directed by Jay Butterfield and Sean Devine



Session 2, 4pm

16. Toronto Northern Lights (ONT) (4 pm)

Toronto, Ontario

Directed by Steve Armstrong and Jordan Travis

NorthernLightsChorus.comFind on Facebook

17. Atlanta Vocal Project (DIX) (4:24 pm)

Atlanta Metro, GA

Directed by Clay Hine

AtlantaVocalProject.comFind on Facebook

18. Carolina Vocal Express (NSC) (4:37 pm)

Greater Gaston, NC

Directed by Dale Comer

Find on Facebook

19. Ambassadors of Harmony (CSD) (4:51 pm)

St. Charles, MO

Directed by Jim Henry and Jonny Moroni

Aoh.orgFind on Facebook

20. Sound of the Rockies (RMD) (5:12 pm)

Denver Mile High, CO

Directed by Mark Hale

SoundOfTheRockies.comFind on Facebook

21. Men of Independence (JAD) (5:27 pm)

Independence, OH

Directed by Gary Lewis

IndependenceChapter.comFind on Facebook

22. Houston Tidelanders (5:43 pm)

Houston, TX

Directed by Greg Caetano

HoustonTidelanders.orgFind on Facebook

23. Northwest Sound (EVG) (5:58 pm)

Bellevue, WA

Directed by Ken Potter

NorthwestSound.orgFind on Facebook


Song Premiere: Storm Front (RMD) (6:34 pm)

2010 International Quartet Champion

Jeff Selano, Jim Clark, Darin Drown, Syd Libsack

Storm Front will be performing Bohemian Rhapsody


24. The Alliance (JAD) (6:39 pm)

Greater Central Ohio

Directed by David Calland

AllianceChorus.orgFind on Facebook

25. Central Standard (CSD) (6:58 pm)

Metro Kansas City, MO

Directed by Rob Mance

CentralStandard.netFind on Facebook

26. Vocal FX (7:14 pm)

Wellington, NZ

Directed by Charlotte Murray and Jeff Hunkin

VocalFX.co.nzFind on Facebook

27. The New Tradition (7:29 pm)

Northbrook, IL

Directed by Jay Giallombardo

NewTradition.orgFind on Facebook

28. Voices of Gotham (7:47 pm)

Hell’s Kitchen, NY

Directed by Bill Stauffer

VoicesOfGotham.orgFind on Facebook

29. Music City Chorus (8:03 pm)

Nashville, TN

Directed by Dusty Schleier

MusicCityChorus.OrgFind on Facebook

Swan Song Performance: Westminster Chorus (FWD) (8:20 pm)

2015 International Chorus Champion

Westminster, CA

Directed by Justin Miller


Currently Qualifying Choruses

Note: This list is unofficial. The final list of all choruses who qualify for Nashville will be published once all choruses have competed and all invitations have been sent out and accepted. Stay tuned to this page for ongoing updates.

  1. Ambassadors of Harmony (CSD) – 94.4
  2. Masters of Harmony (FWD) – 92.1
  3. Alexandria Harmonizers (MAD) – 90.9
  4. Toronto Northern Lights (ONT) – 89.5
  5. Sound of the Rockies (RMD) – 88.6
  6. Music City Chorus (DIX) – 87.4
  7. Alliance (JAD) – 85.3
  8. Vocal FX (BHNZ) – 84.9
  9. Sound of Illinois (ILL) – 84.0
  10. Northwest Sound (EVG) – 82.8
  11. Houston Tidelanders (SWD) – 82.1
  12. Midwest Vocal Express (LOL) – 81.3
  13. Great Western Chorus of Bristol (BABS) – 80.9
  14. THX (SUN) – 80.8
  15. Vocal Revolution (NED) – 80.6
  16. Sound Connection (BHA) – 80.4
  17. Carolina Vocal Express (NSC) – 79.6
  18. Great Lakes Chorus (PIO) – 79.3
  19. Thoroughbreds (CAR) – 78.7
  20. Upstate Harmonizers (SLD) – 75.4

Potential Wildcard Choruses

  1. Central Standard (CSD) – 92.2
  2. Voices Of Gotham (MAD) – 86.4
  3. Parkside Harmony (MAD)- 86.1
  4. Brothers In Harmony (MAD) – 85.8
  5. Southern Gateway (JAD) – 84.0
  6. Men of Independence (JAD) – 82.9
  7. New Tradition (ILL) – 82.5
  8. Senate-Aires (EVG) – 82.3
  9. Harbourtown Sound (ONT) – 82.2
  10. Atlanta Vocal Project (DIX) – 81.9

Click here to see the complete list of all chorus competitors’ scores