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Alexandria releases promo for its upcoming a cappella contest

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We previously told you about this event, which brings together six  top a cappella groups competing for a $1,000 grand prize, and the chapter has now just released this promo video.

It’s great in its own right, but also instructive behind the scenes. Harmonizers Marketing Director Noah Van Gilder explains:

Rather than spend a lot of time and money to hire a professional to compose this video, the Harmonizers took advantage of Animoto.com, one of the online services that facilitate in-house video creation. Using a few photos, 20 minutes of copywriting, and 30 minutes of production, we were ready to roll this in a single evening of work.

Many of the elements of ‘classy’ marketing can now be accomplished just as easily by YOUR chapter using such online services, include high-quality email newsletters, flyers and posters, signs, buttons, branded apparel, and website design.

Working smart amplifies the value of working hard. Use tools that make hard things easier, so you can focus on the brain work instead of the tech work.