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Acclaimed A Cappella Group Visits BHS

This group of singers and vocal percussionists visited BHS on Monday afternoon to explore the Society’s heritage. They became internationally known for being the runners-up in the 2010 NBC Television show, The Sing Off. Upon arrival at HQ, Street Corner Symphony met with Adam Scott. Scott is a music educator for the Society and quickly showed this group of young men around.

Here is a synopsis from Adam:

I met the men of Street Corner Symphony Monday afternoon for the first time. Like true southern gentlemen, they were respectful to our building, our employees, and our mission. They showed interest in our past, present, and future.

Our past.

They listened as I spoke about the origins of barbershop, and were impressed, like many are, of how quickly the Society sprang up overnight. They also “dug” Rupert Hall for holding cigars in the portraits and looking “like a boss”.

Our present.

SCS was in our building because they were extended a hand of fellowship. They had been invited to perform on a show in Dallas with the fabulous Rich-Tones chorus of the Sweet Adelines International organization. Also in attendance at that concert was Society member Steve Stripling who took note of how well they mixed with the crowd. After learning they were Nashville residents, he made an introduction to me and fellow staffer Eddie Holt. Fast forward to Monday. SCS sings an impromptu performance for the Society, even incorporating a barbershop song written by our own Dr. Val Hicks and two other contemporary a cappella charts. The best part was SCS sneaking up behind one our employees (a fan of SCS) and scared her…. but with excitement and in a good way, of course! Not in a creep way. Oh yeah, they sang that song too. Creep by the popular band Radiohead. (I did say contemporary.)

Our future.

I watched as CEO Marty Monson talked with SCS and share his inspired vision of a cappella music. He discussed the scope of Nashville and what can be done together in Music City, USA. What should we do in this city? What are the similarities between the BHS and CASA? How we can benefit from one another? BHS and SCS discussed production and other goals we can achieve together. Expect to hear more joint efforts with the two groups.

-Adam Scott