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Roots of Barbershop Harmony

Roots of Barbershop Harmony

These informative Harmonizer articles delve into the African-American Historical Roots of Barbershop Harmony

David Wright Barbershop Presentations

Comprehensive History of the Barbershop Style

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The Future History of Barbershop Harmony

Prominent barbershopper, arranger, scholar, and historian Dr. David Wright gave a brilliant presentation of The Future History of Barbershop Harmony at the annual Midwinter Convention in New Orleans in January of 2015.

Watch this series of six video presentations as he walks through Origins, Evolution, Chacterizing, The Future, Future History, and Harmony.

Other Historical Information

A Brief History of Barbershop

This mini-documentary presents examples of the style and its evolution over the years.

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An Examination of the Barbershop Style

Dr. David Wright takes a more scholarly look at the barbershop style itself and makes important observations about the progress and evolution of the barbershop style.

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Tulsa: Birthplace of the Barbershop Harmony Society

Society Historian Grady Kerr has assembled this visual tour of many of the significant historical locales that marked the beginnings of the Barbershop Harmony Society in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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