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A Mighty Wind – Bioshock Infinite

A Mighty Wind quartet performs in #1 selling video game in North America

Technically, it’s the #1 and #2 video game in North America (counting Xbox and PS3 titles separately), with a bigger budget and bigger audience than many movie blockbusters. And the makers of BioShock Infinite decided that nothing sets the stage for fantasy violence like good old barbershop harmony. The recently-released video game is an extensive, plot-heavy mystery/action drama that is set in a floating cloud city in an alternate-history America. Early on in the game’s plot, a flying barge floats past a picturesque, luminous city park while a quartet onboard (voiced by 2012 international medalist A Mighty Wind) clad in stripes and straw skimmers (sigh) billed as “Tomorrow’s music today” sings the Beach Boys’ hit “God Only Knows.” The anachronism of a 21st century quartet singing a 1960s song in a 1912 setting is intentional, part of the time-twisting storyline of this bloody first-person shooter. Get the game for your kids only if they’re ready for decapitation, disembowelment, and morally-dubious gameplay choices.

Otherwise, just follow the link here to watch the quartet on YouTube.