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Your Barbershop Elevator Speech

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Click this link to read my column from the May/June issue of The Harmonizer. In it, I discuss the concept of an “elevator speech” or an “elevator pitch.” It’s a business term for having a quick and impactful way to explain who you are and what you do to a total stranger — one that could take place in less than the length of a ride in an elevator. (Explanations and examples from the business world are here, here and here.)

In my column I discussed how wearing the pin at the left (get your own here) has helped me and members of many chapters start conversations about barbershop harmony and about their chapters. People see the pin and want an explanation. The natural next step is to know what you are going to say to them in response. Here’s your opportunity to share and refine your own!

What’s yours? Share it here!

Do you have any other successful conversation starters? Any other openers for sharing the message of barbershop harmony with friends and strangers alike? Share them here, too!