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Ask a Judge, round 1: Crossing categories?

From Stephanie Dingle: How are members to handle situations when a judge, during evals, openly admits to crossing categories?  A Presentation judge spends more time discussing singing or music ... a Music judge saying there was a lack of musicality but I scored higher because of energy. These are a few vague issues I've heard myself, but I still question the idea that each category can be judged ...
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Copyright: Giving members more music and more options

In reply to an earlier post on this blog, Tom Goldie shared some interesting suggestions regarding copyright laws and how the Society had get music into members' hands more easily. With his permission, quoted below are Tom's ideas (in quotes) and responses from Julie Grower, who manages the Music Library and Licensing for the Society. Tom brings up some interesting possibilities. What do you th...
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In which decade did most of your members join?

Here are some really interesting numbers developed by Kevin Keller (Society judge and actuarial guru) from the Society database (and briefly discussed on the Harmonet): Of our currrent Society membership, the following percent joined in the time frame listed: (more…)
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